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Any advice would be greatly appreciated please..?
Well, this event or more a few events have led me to. Where I am now, inclusive of my questioningredients of my own sexuality. It took me 6 years to get my degree (yes, IK, but I changed majors, so..) I oneed day found myself looking at a video online, that was supposed to be two ladies making out around a "hot dog" attached to a gentleman. I came to find out, that it was a gal who had a couple guys caged up, and they had to SUCK on each other... That was a moment of self discovery to say the very least...

Then I decided to head online to ask others anonymously if they had ever been in a similar scenario, wanting to trade off on that. I found someone, amd we got together twice, never swallowing, but it was close to say very least.

Nowadays I am feeling like I want another go with a punishment, but I am unable to do so as I still live with family, amd they have no clue as to any of my let's say "alternate" desires...

What can/should I do, without leading them on to any of this? Honestly don't believe they could take knowing that about me, nor would they be able to handle it as adults should...
Get your own place...
Worst mistake I made was moving back to my parents house after college. It lasted about 6 months. To get out of that crazy situation I rented a room in a house. Then later rented an apartment with a straight roommate.

Looks on Craigslist - there are a lot of folks looking for gay roommates. Helps if you have a job...
Use a condom.
If you're looking into Dominant/submission or BDSM punishment scenarios, I -really- think you need to move out of your parents house FIRST. Dude? Most parents I've seen have a hard time coming to grips with their kid being gay. Piling your kink interests on top of that is NOT going to help your relationship with them at all if you end up discovered somehow.
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You really should look at getting your own place. Secondly, I would not be going over to someone's place for that purpose, you can easily find yourself in a situation that can get out of hand, not everyone is nice or sane for that matter. Always make sure you have an exit and maintain control...

When I was 20 years old I found myself handcuffed, I know it was horrendously stupid but I was "discovering" things and that happened, luckily nothing bad happened but had it been someone else who knows, I could have been killed and no one would have had any idea where I was. Just saying. It was also 10 years ago and I was a lot more riskier and dumber. I would never let a guy put me in handcuffs ever, just isn't my thing and it isn't safe, particularly with hook-up scenarios. Just my two cents.
Thank you all for the insights and advice. No idea how punnishment got in there, meant to say that want to go further w that, however it gets a bit deeper and murkier bc I have a disability which doesnt allow ,e to walk properly w/o crutches...

I agree w moving out as the answer, but it can't happen that way as of now...

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