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Any one interested in History??
sweetlad86 Wrote:Sad thing about it too. Is that it was more to do with the insurance pay out if the ship which was meant to be the titanic but its starting to come to light that it was more likely to be her sister ship RMS Olympic.

The story goes that on 20 September 1911,Olympic broke hear back when she collided with a British warship, HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight. Although the incident resulted in the flooding of two of her compartments and a twisted propeller shaft, Olympic was able to limp back to Southampton.

The Hawke incident was a financial disaster for Olympic's operator, and keeping her out of revenue service made matters worse. Olympic returned to Belfast, and to speed up her repair, Harland and Wolff was forced to delay Titanic's completion and use her propeller shaft for Olympic. In February 1912, Olympic lost a propeller blade and she once again returned to her builder for emergency repairs. To get her back to service immediately, Harland & Wolff again had to pull resources from Titanic, delaying her maiden voyage from 20 March 1912 to 10 April 1912.

This is where the story gets interesting, there have been reports of the ship builders going home and the next day the titanic had change a little from the day before and they were told if they told any body about the changes they would be fired.

Doesn't the dates look strange too, 4 days later the titanic sinks, very convent for White Star Line isn't??

White Star Line save a lot of money with the sinking to, I think the pay out was about £6,000,000.

Its sick how companies play games with peoples lives in this case and cause un nessicary deaths
Sick world we live in isn't it!
sweetlad86 Wrote:Any one interested in History.

I'm asking because I cant get enough of it. I'm meanly interested in the WW1,between war years and WW2, British Civil War and the Cold War, well its the only part of history that I now quite a lot of. I love finding out stuff about history I didn't know before.

I think I'm bloody lucky I wasn't born in Germany in the 1930/40's because I would be f00k lol!

I'm Bisexual, classed as Disabled, and I'm an Artisan, oh oh I'm brown haired and eyed lol!

I'm just about to read about how the SS started and their little stories!!

I love history too, from Ancient History to Natural History.

I am particularly fascinated in family history and genealogy and with the help of a local historian, have been able to trace my paternal family back to the 12th Century. It seems that one of my ancestors, according to a legend that has been in my dads family for generations, was a knight who fought and killed a griffin (A mythical beast with the head, wings and talons of an Eagle and the hind quarters of a lion!). The griffin had been plaguing that part of the county of Cheshire for so long, swooping down and taking live-stock and the odd child that something had to be done by someone.

Thereafter the family used a Griffin Rampant on their coat of arms.

I live in a part of the country not far from where a British Civil War battle was fought, the Battle of Redbank. I heard a theory very recently that Charles Stewart (Charles I) was actually executed somewhere near Warrington, and not outside the palace of Whitehall as has come to be passed in to history.

Researching my family history further some years ago, I discovered that I had a great uncle who was executed for war crimes (Crimes against the civilian population) perpetrated in France during the 2nd World War occupation.

It transpires that he joined the SS in the early 1930's and by the time of the French occupation had become the commandant of a town strategic because of it's railway station. At one point, local partisans or resistance killed a German dispatch rider and obtained the information he was carrying. In reprisal, my great uncle ordered the execution of 50 men from that town by firing squad and not content, ordered their bodies to be hanged from the balconies of the local hotel.

Little wonder then that the family name (in this particular case) was anglicised and why I was told they were Greek. That part of the family moved to the USA and lived in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The history of the SS is not pretty. Wait until you learn what happened to the towns of Lidice and Lezaky after Heidrich was assassinated in 1942.

My family history is very important to me and I've gathered together Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, old photos and documents of all kinds. I'll get round to scanning them one day!
We are all products of the survival of the fittest, so no surprise that there are a few skeletons in the closet, Vigilias. But you are not your great uncle and can work to undo whatever he did that was inappropriate.
Vigilias Wrote:... My family history is very important to me and I've gathered together Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, old photos and documents of all kinds. I'll get round to scanning them one day!
My father is a keen genealogist and we have a huge family tree on the dining room wall. We recently made contact with a branch of the family I didn't know existed when I received a friendship request out of the ether on FaceBook. Dad has spent a small fortune over the years on acquiring birth, marriage and death certificates. I have many childhood memories of heaving the huge volumes from the shelves and searching for names at Somerset House and later, when the archive moved, St Catherine's House. Dad also has rather an amazing family photograph collection, which he spends a lot of time organising. Some members of the family have even published memoirs. Yes, interesting Wink
i have trouble learning history when i was in school the only people that i thought was interesting though was teddy roosevelt and theodore roosevelt.
I've always had a fascination with American history, particularly from the colonial period through reconstruction. LOVE IT!!! :biggrin:
History is just one thing after another.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
i don't know about WW history but I can give you a bit of the Philippines history... uhm... Our country was colonized and under the leadership of Spaniards for 333 years... that's why most of our culture and influenced by them. Thankfully, American's came in to the scene and introduced us to democracy.. I think that's the greatest time the Philippines went, when we were governed by Americans.

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