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Approaching a guy...
I'm a university student in gay friendly Vancouver. Since class started this month, I've been noticing this really gorgeous guy (exactly my type, appearance-wise) two or three times a week, and we've made eye contact on four or five occasions for a little longer than normal. One time he was standing in line at a coffee place and gave me a fairly blatant look-over as I passed by, even taking his attention away from some friend standing beside him. I looked back but wasn't fast enough to smile, and when I circled around the area a couple moments later he was gone... Anyway, it seems like he might have some interest, but I simply have no idea how to approach him in this setting (walking outside between classes or in the crowded students' union building). Please help me
Just say 'hi' next time you see him, when he isn't with someone. And...hopefully that will start it wout. Be casual, but don't try to hide it if you're nervous, just be yourself. Good luck! :]
I agree with SlipknotRlZZ 100%

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