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Archie's Final Project
Jake, thank you for taking your time to look into the movie (well, the trailer) and to think about it.

I agree with you on so many things. About the way one feels when he sees how meaningless and superficial...everything around him is, and when he realizes he has no way of escaping.

Just a quote that pops up in my mind when I think about this:
'I am not here
I'm not listening
I'm in my head
And I'm spinning'

I see you've been there. I see you understand (I think). What pushed you forward?
I realize that all I am doing most of the time is pointless, meaningless and worth the go. But it makes me happy and gives me a sense of fulfillment, so I do it anyways. BUt in the long run, in the big picture...nothing of that matters. My contributions to this forum don't matter. Even if I live out my dreams and whatever, have a family, live happily...everybody does that. And we live only once. I want to do something totally different.

It's why I venerate school shooters. They are on top of the world for an hour or so. That's what I call LIVING. Not merely existing.

I feel that I am losing my passion about this. That I am losing the passion about being on the dark side, thinking differently, going against the flow. I just feel tired, and it scares me to death that I might lose this. If I do, if I succumb to the brainwashed fakeness, I swear I'm just gonna find a nice rock in The Grand Canyon and end it in flight. I have a friend whom I've told about all of this, he will make sure to tell me if I'm becoming...not different, I hope.

This may sound like teenage blabber, I realize. If it does, oh well, more fuel for my hatred.

So now I live only because of something Justin Bieber said:

Quote:Find out what's possible if you never give up.

East, I am glad your anger is gone. Thank you for taking your time to write this, really! However, to each one of your arguments, I have an opposing one.

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