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Are you a bottom that likes a nice butt?
I don't know, maybe I'm a versatile t/b, who knows? hehe.
It really depends.

Unless someone is an absolute complete bottom twink,
I can imagine one who usually bottoms seeing someone they really want to top.
Men are usually masculine, depending on the circumstances of course,
and determining what your specific definition of masculine is, anyways.
For example, my boyfriend always tops me, I am never get to top him,
because he never wants to bottom.
Once in a great while I will be at some party and am fortunate enough to top
some adorable cutie, because, well, it is in our DNA to put our members in and out of something repeatedly until we ejaculate. So in a sense, we are programmed to top.
Even if bottoming feels amazing, which it does, we are coded to top.

It really depends.
yeah it very depends
but in japan, people called seke, who can be both top and bottom
IDK I will have to figur this one out some day

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