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Are you in debt?
Title says it all.

If you are, what steps are you taking to get rid of it?
I have a mortgage and I intend to sell my house later this year.

Other than that, I'm debt free and intend to stay that way.

Debt is slavery. To hell with the banks.
I'm not in debt, however in a few years I will be. (Student loans). Sad
Nope, I am debt free Smile
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I got in some credit card trouble a few years ago, I'm slowly digging my way out now. Last year my credit score was 617 now it's over 800. I'm even thinking about jumping back on ebay and start hunting if I could just remember my paypal password it's been a while.
Yep, just over $200 000 thanks to a mortgage. Working my arse off, including over time to pay it back ASAP
yes... 4000 in debt but 75% will be paid off by end of this year.
Luckily not. I'm very careful with finances. Might not stay that way forever though :S
I got about 1.8k in credit card debt right now, which is a bit higher than I usually am around this time of year. Nothing major really.
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- Virginia Woolf
2.3 k in debt, on my personal cards, 20k on student loans, of the 2.3k 1.65k of that was for out of pocket school tuition expenses which will be worth it with me grabbing full time work right now and graduating from school in may
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