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Are you looking forward to Christmas?
Are you guys looking forward to Christmas?
An eye for an eye
I absolutely love Christmas with all my heart but the shame is it gets destroyed by bitterness and stress of the people I live with and family , I have tons of decorations . indoor and outdoor ,,,, and most have never been used .... but in a year or two that will change , cant beat watching The Wizard of Oz for Christmas
No. I'm not a believer so why would I celebrate a pagan festival?
"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams
I'm not big on pomp and ceremony, so Christmas, Easter, Birthdays etc so I really don't get excited or enjoy the festivities, but I do relish the chance to have those important all together for a catch up.
You kiddin'?
I celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Not in any huge way... just light some candles and acknowledge the celestial return of the Sun.

That IS the fundamental meaning behind Christmas, you know.
As far as I'm concerned the Christmas season begins the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. We are now in the thick of it. It's all happening. It's the build up that I love most about it. I love the winter, I love the fall, so actually October 1st begins my favorite time of the year and it culminates with Christmas.

Other than it's a national holiday (so no work), I can't stand New Year's. Bahumbug.
I am not looking forward to Christmas at all.
An eye for an eye
I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, so that part is pretty much waylaid. The rest of Christmas day will be spent with roomie and his mom. That's OK, but not too exciting. She does not decorate so it will be opening a few gifts and eating. The dogs make me happy. I am thinking about getting them some apples because they like them with their dogfood. They also wag their tails at green beans and carrots and yogurt. Such good doggies!
I bid NO Trump!
Dan1980 Wrote:I am not looking forward to Christmas at all.

That's too bad.

Tell you what, I'll look forward to it for the both of us. Yes? Yes.

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