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Are you scientifically literate?
Another quiz and one in which I failed miserably:

I suppose you'll sail through this Insertnamehere.
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[Image: 6aPJ586.jpg?1]

I will now go let Chase kill me.
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So I failed the first 8 questions and stopped.
There's a reason I never liked Math and Science.
I got 3 out of the first 10 and called it quits.
80%. I am doing physics / maths at college but I know very little about astronomy. I haven't had much exposure to it at college (or even at school) and I've never had the drive to read up on it. Also, I'm weak on biology. I also mixed up F = ma - I didn't read the question, I just picked the two numerical values out of the question without reading them and multiplied them together.
28 correct and 22 wrong... And a lot of the ones I got right were just lucky guesses... yikes!

All you gurls is silly! Cause ya see me?

I didn't even take the test! Sheep

I not no smarty pants like Mars lol, even if I did do Veterinary Technology.

I'll leave the brains to my [MENTION=17248]Chase[/MENTION] and [MENTION=23097]Insertnamehere[/MENTION] Cat3
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

76%, (12 wrong). i'd forgotten the value of e, for example; and for some reason i thought it was carbon with the atomic number 8, and not oxygen; also didn't know the third type of rock (in retrospect, i have come across the word igneous several times before, enough to have been able to intuit the correct answer instead of my choice of 'volcanic' which was clearly stupid); or the meaning of -nimbus (meteorology has always been boring to me); also didn't know Venus was the brightest after Moon. didn't know the name of the dwarf planet or the Greek goddess it shares its name with; or the symbol for the coefficient for friction.

not purely a science test though. a lot of the answers were made explicit through cultural implications (offering Greek language reference really made the relevant questions easy even if you didn't know the answers).

good find.
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16 wrong. There is a reason why I was a Humanities major.
I bid NO Trump!
You answered 40 of 50 questions correctly
for a total score of 80%.

Questions that involved other planets fucked me up.

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