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Artist uses facial reconstruction AI on Roman emperor busts

A young artist from Tunisia has breathed new life into the dusty, old emperors of Ancient Rome with his life-like computer illustrations of them.

Haround Binous is a student at Université de Lausanne, Switzerland. Using facial recognition technology, Photoshop, and historical references, he’s created true-to-life renderings of every Roman emperor–from Augustus to Valentinian III.

Scroll down for a sample of some of Binous’s work and see even more on Facebook.

[Image: 116885793_4193199327419887_7362900434934...e=5F635ED7]

[Image: 116838238_4193197164086770_3769676115130...e=5F622B2B]

Lucius Verus
[Image: 116797584_4193203147419505_7613255824852...e=5F63C10D]

[Image: 116795151_4193201220753031_3590759540453...e=5F610239]

[Image: 117297728_4193201737419646_7163569164325...e=5F6359DC]

[Image: 116827062_4193198290753324_7049005332812...e=5F61A3CA]

[Image: 116819220_4193199787419841_5905300279810...e=5F62EF81]

[Image: 117326938_4193202454086241_4680139322263...e=5F649111]

Philip the Arab
[Image: 117224299_4193201660752987_6224285666069...e=5F63D183]

[Image: 117305901_4193202970752856_1008550122627...e=5F6108D5]

Claudius Gothicus
[Image: 117120011_4193197560753397_3075828905059...e=5F619FE7]

[Image: 117112063_4193201360753017_8657381867003...e=5F633BF3]

[Image: 116897176_4193197834086703_6342490380753...e=5F6340A8]

[Image: 117039473_4193201034086383_6893403671835...e=5F61B767]

[Image: 117037964_4193198797419940_2501480100607...e=5F614272]

[Image: 116810829_4193198704086616_1702982997498...e=5F64705F]

Antoninus Pius
[Image: 117296357_4193197144086772_3914461428398...e=5F614F80]

Septimius Severus
[Image: 117131359_4193201957419624_3292101319985...e=5F620A2A]

[Image: 117151613_4193199287419891_4298420161148...e=5F63D211]

Severus Alexander
[Image: 116799398_4193202010752952_4434168776982...e=5F620E4A]

More here...
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Very clever and creative.  Some are better than others.  The ones that don't quite make the grade in my opinion, are where he has tried to make an image from a fairly primitve scupture.  All plaudits to him though.
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Beach hottie alert! Can we get a life-size, full replica of Haroun?? (And I do mean a FULL replica of everything, wink wink)

On a serious note, these renderings are fantastic. One of the problems of past renderings is that they were too 'perfect'. These have all the imperfections of a human face: the wrinkles, the bristles, the mismatched hair, skin blemishes and discolored skin tones, etc. It's what makes a face unique.

AI is advancing with such rapidity. I was reading a couple of weeks ago about GPT-3, the third generation of OpenAI. It's ability to generate human-ready conversation is spectacular.
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@JoelR Do you mean "wink wink" or "wank wank?"
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@LONDONER can see what you mean... some are definitely better than others but still very impressive! Wink

LOL @JoelR

Yeah, the AI tech is getting pretty amazing! The GPT-3 writing looks really cool! Can see there being some books/novels created entirely by AI in a few years! Smile
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These are really cool. So interesting to see.
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That is awesome. It's great being able to see these figures from history as real people.

Although these busts are definitely generous depictions. Otho in particular was known to be a bit of a chubster. Though by all accounts a great guy and would also have probably been a great emperor if fate hadn't dealt him such a rubbish hand.
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