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Asian tops
Just out of curiousity, are there many Asian Tops around? Most of the Asians I've hooked up with have all been bottoms. I have been hoping to meet one who is a top.
I'm not including South Asians in this, though I still would like to hook up with a Soutj Asian (top and bottom).
I am. In my dynamic with [MENTION=20938]Gideon[/MENTION] specifically, I spend the majority of time as the bottom. That said? When I was single, I was a Top (both definitions of the term apply here), and still do when I feel the urge to take control.

They're out there, but if you're drawn to a certain "type" then that's what you'll keep running into again and again, unless you consciously begin looking outside your normal attraction parameters.
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In my experience, the Asian tops are the ones with the fitness/gym lifestyles. The more, dare to say twinks, fems etc are mostly bottom.

If you approach the ones with toned, muscular bodies then most likely they're a top. I hate to stereotype but I never been with a skinny Asian that was a top.

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