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Aspiring author, single father
Just saying hi, its nice to find a site and message board that dosen't have to do with overly sex obsessed people, people looking for orgies, or ect. (bty biseuxal . com is BS)

so im new here, thought i'd say hi, im quite talkative online (alittle to much) but am shy and not so much talketive in real life unless im very comfortable with you.

A little about me? as the title said im an aspiring author (in the midst of writing agent hunting, its not a simple task apparently) and a single father (part time, i get to see him half the week, shared with Ex Gf who is of course his mom)

i can't say im "Searching for a relationship" because im not sure relationships even happen taht way are real, well i guess there no less real than those forged in a bar after a few drinks, anyway im just here tot alk, openly, without having to worry about things such as from the aformentioned website, and if a relationship comes out of it hurray!

Just to note, i am bisexual, for some reason taht turns away some potential bfs and gfs, i guess they assume bi= sex addict, that is not true, im just as attracted to men as to woman, if theres one thing i am, is feircly loyal, and im not very apprecative of people who cheat on me either, its happened more than once!

oh and another thing that might make you run i might as well get out of the way, due to economy, and a job that pays a max of 200 a week, and being a single father having to pay for bills and groceries, i live with my mother, -.- i know looser right? but i give her about all but 20 of my paycheck a week for bills or i spend that much on grocieries, and its cheeper than even the gettohist of apartments...

anyway yeah, i dunno what else to tell you, im going to go wash the dishes after a quick look around, and maybe take a nap cause my dogs decided to wake me up this morning howling at eachother, ill be back on later, chow!
Welcome to the forum, we're for the most part not crazy sex crazed lunatics, there may be a few hanging about though.

As someone who was crazy enough to go back to college and get a second degree at 23, I can tell you that I identify with the lack of money. Wink
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
Sr but i cant get "single father" meaning. :frown:
single father? i have a kid so i am a father, his mother and i broke it of seemingly forever ago (ok, more like 2 years ago) for reasons i wont go into for now ( stop prying jeez! lol j/k ) and am currently not dating so single.
Welcome to the Gs community of friends
Hey dude, welcome to the forums ^_^

Slipknotrizz is just starting some writing and looking for some information on the people of Florida - customs, language, things like that... dunno if you could help out?

good to have ya, look forward to reading some posts and maybe seeing some preview chapters.
thxs for the warm welcomes ^,^
Welcome to GS!
Welcome to gs, hope you enjoy it here :3
Hello. Welcome Smile

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