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At school
I had no idea that i could even come onto this site! I mean, usually forum/chat sites, and most of the blogging sites, are usually blocked on the school computers, so i just find it awesome i can at least go to one of my favorite sites xD

Anyways...i guess maybe i should give an update on how life is? I don't really know haha

Things on my end are going fairly good, despite some of the negative stuff that's happened since school started this year. I managed to, FINALLY, get my driver's license, and a few days before school was in session too. Summer was a blast, i actually got myself a job working at waffle house here in Irving. And it's just three blocks from the house too, which has been pretty convenient since couldn't really drive by myself then. Also, i lost twelve pounds!! ^^ As a matter of fact, i might have dropped a pant size, cause i wear size 36's, and even those feel loose. Haven't tried getting into a pair of 34's yet, but than again i probably wouldn't be able to fit into those quite yet. Even my under garments don't fit that well anymore.

I've gone through some pretty hard breakups last year....i broke up with the last guy i was with several months ago, and i lost my best friend. Things kinda got shitty on the school front ever since i was outed last year. I mean, i might be a little dumb for even wanting to try and fix mine and Caleb's friendship....but i swear it's like talking to a brick wall. I still hate that i fell for a straight guy. But you can't really help who you fall for too. The thing is, after trying to talk to him a couple of weeks ago, apparently he wants me to change.....he wants me to be either catholic or Christian, and the thing with that is, i aint changing for no one, not now, not ever. If im gonna change anything about me, it's gonna be for ME.

Although, despite all the crap that has happened last school year, if there is a positive aspect, is that i learned who my real friends are. Everyone thinks im just gay, yet even some of the one's that still do have stuck by me, and i couldn't be any more grateful for that.

I got a new boyfriend....we have been goin on for almost five months now. One thing that does annoy me takes three hours by bus and train just to get somewhere that is only around a twenty minute drive by car. But overall, it's worth it. What i dont understand is, why do some people seem surprised when i say im dating a black man? Granted i might not seem like the type to go for that, but i like what i like. And i guess i just answered my own question haha :p

We were actually suppossed to meet up yesterday after i got off work but.....apparently something must have happened to his phone. He hasn't replied to any of my messages for four days now. And it wasn't until yesterday when i tried calling him that i find out his number is no longer in service. Maybe he lost his phone? I dont really know. Im trying to think maybe thats what happened, or something. One thing i hope is that he didn't go and change his number without telling me....cause that just shows he doesn't respect me enough to break up in person. Don't even wanna go there. Plus, what if he wasn't home? The thing is i somehow lost my directions on how to get back home from his house, so if he wasn't there at all, i'd be screwed. All i can hope for the most part is that he's alright.

And goin back to driving and what not....a few weeks ago i actually got into a serious car wreck. I was the one driving unfortunately. What had happened was, i was T-boned by a pick up truck on the drivers side, knocking me unconscious. People ask me if i remember it at all, but quite honestly i dont really want to. When i woke up, the door to the car was being cut open so they could get me out. I remember thinking, this has got to be a dream. it was a really weird, terrifying experience. I kept thinking that it was a dream until i tried to move. Thats when the pain of the wreck hit me. A non displaced flat foot pelvic fracture, four cracked ribs, and a lacerated spleen. You know, the weirdest thing is, and i firmly believe it now, is that i had a heart key chain in my left pocket the day i crashed. There is two inscriptions, one on each side of it.

"Don everything in Love" Corinthians 18:14

God is Love

I actually believe that i was being protected, someway, somehow. if you had seen the pictures from the was bad enough to have actually killed me.

However, now i am actually walking by myself again Smile When they let me out of the hospital, i had to use a walker for a few weeks. And while my leg and hip still twinge a little, i can walk and jog somewhat now, and i have gone back to work over the weekend as well. i've said, despite some of the crap that has happened, from last school year, through the summer and to now, things have actually not been as bad as some would think. I might be going through some things now, but all i can hope is that, one day, it'll lead to something better.
Love is love, no matter the gender :heartline:

You true colors are beautiful like a rainbow - Cyndi Lauper

Everywhere we go
We're looking for the sun
Nowhere to grow old
We're always on the run
They say we'll rot in hell
But i dont think we will
They've branded us enough
Outlaws of Love

~Adam Lambert~
Try Google or Bing maps, they are pretty good at street level, assuming you really want to know what happened to your BF.

I applaud you for not changing for anyone but yourself and, for making the best of what sounds like a pretty rough year.
I hope it just gets better and better for you........Confusedmile:
Bighug Congrats on the License, things will get better concentrate on the positive.Bighug
Musiq Wrote:...
God is Love
I actually believe that i was being protected, someway, somehow. if you had seen the pictures from the was bad enough to have actually killed me ...
i drive with Jesus too

"What i dont understand is, why do some people seem surprised when i say im dating a black man? Granted i might not seem like the type to go for that, but i like what i like. "
I need not tell you there are differences living in a small TX town and a larger city where people have more exposure to things; so they might not care who you date. Good for you to be able to say with authority "i like what i like"

just because he changed his cell phone number is no big indication he is breaking up with you. You know the situation better but from just your post i would say give him a chance with the phone thing

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