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Attitude towards Drag Queens!
When I first came out of the closet and told my parents and certain family members that I was gay I went out to a gay bar in my hometown and I think there was a Drag show going on and I just found it to be strange and out of place in a gay bar. I mean that was my mentality back then.

I knew more or less that I was born into the wrong body when I was very young but I suppressed those feelings and just hid them away and didn't want to deal with them so perhaps having an attitude about Drag Queens was just a way for me to distance myself from my true feelings about being Transgender, I am really not sure.

I mean I have never had the interest to dress up and entertain men and women like Drag Queens do but I wanted to dress up in female clothes because they just felt more comfortable to me than male clothes that I have always viewed as boring and bland.

I wish that I could go back and embrace the Drag queens and what they were doing. I really liked their outfits and the things that they wore and so on. I guess I was a bit of a dick when it came to being judgemental towards them and I am so sorry that I was that way.

I remember talking to not a Drag Queen but a Transgender Woman at a club one day and she was so nice and I felt like I could relate to her even though I didn't have the balls o tell her that but I regret that we didn't become friends or talk to each other and etc. I sometimes wish that I would of been more confident to accept myself as a Transgender Woman when I was younger and perhaps I would be on HRT right now and on the path to being a woman.

Instead I am still stuck as a man and living full time as a man still. I dress up femme in the privacy of my own room but that is it. I wish had the confidence to be the real me. But I am too chicken to do that. I don't know if this was the right place to put this!
Well it's never too late to make small changes toward being your true self. There's people all along the spectrum of transgender. I know some people who are intersexed, too, so who knows where you will end up. If you think you are stuck, then it sounds like some changes are needed. Good luck!
Drag queens have always been fighting for lgbt rights. So their kinda like fairy god mothers, I thnk you were a little overwhelmed at that time in your life but there no time like the present to make up from things in the past. Go and have fun with some of the gals! And if one of them comes for you tell em their makeup is busted xD
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet
Eh I guess drag Queens have a different meaning on the other side of the pood lol
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