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"Avenue Q" and "the Book of Mormon"
Has anyone seen these musicals. I just went with my bf to see Mormon and I loved it. I wonder which one you guys prefer? For me "Avenue Q" wins by a hair, my favorite song was "Schadenfreude" in Mormon it was "Hasa Diga Eebowai". I noticed that Both had gay subplots. Wonder why that is? Someone even has some of the lyrics to "if you were Gay" as their signature on this forum. Next up we're seeing "Wicked" and then we got discount tickets for great seats to "Spiderman; turn off the dark".
I love Avenue Q... I'm off to see it again next week. :-)

I've also seen Wicked twice and I love that too (although it only has a passing resemblance to the book)

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The Internet is for Porn is all I can remember of the soundtrack. Spent an evening in Izzy's singing it!
Colin you live in Scotland, how have you seen all these musicals?
Person66 Wrote:Colin you live in Scotland, how have you seen all these musicals?

Avenue Q is in the Edinburgh Playhouse. I've also seen it in London.

I saw Wicked both times in London.

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I love Avenue Q, seen it twice, love the soundtrack (hilarious!). Would love to see Book of Mormon, need to make plans to see it.

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