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Awww, I'm an uncle.
Well, honourary uncle. My best friend, and the person closest to being my brother just had his baby yesterday. The little tyke has one of his names after me, I feel so honoured. Its just a great feeling. Now I have to move back to New Brunswick to see the little fella.
Aww bless ya!!!!
Hey Xrimo!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:

Wait untill you hold him in your arms, such a sweet feeling. It's really special! Are you going to baptize him??? I have a nephew and 3 babies from my very close friends, a baby girl is on the way and i am going to baptize this one to take my kalos (ancient greek word, you know it...) and charm hehehe

Please add pics of the little one.
Confusedmile: May little XRIMO's life be filled with love,joy and prosperity.
Yayyyyyyyy congrats.
Awwww yay, I remember being that happy when my nephew was born... 7 years later and now beginning to think 'did he come from god or satan?' :biggrin: Nah he's lovely really, just a bit of a handful at times.

Best of luck, hope you get to see him soon Confusedmile:
Babe that's WICKED news !! :biggrin:.

Congratulations !!


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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