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BRB, in 3 months or so
As some of you know, I have Multiple Sclerosis. And as fewer of you know, I will be going for stem cell treatment to stop it and reverse the damage.

Quote: In MS the body’s own defense system attacks myelin, the fatty substance that surrounds and protects the nerve fibers in the central nervous system. The nerve fibers themselves can also be damaged. The damaged myelin forms scar tissue (sclerosis), which gives the disease its name. When any part of the myelin sheath or nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord are distorted or interrupted, producing the variety of symptoms that can occur.

Now my symptoms are moderate - I can see but not well; I can walk but not far.

There are 5 steps in my treatment:

1. Mobilise my bone marrow to expand inside my bones until it spills into my bloodstream

2. Collect these stem cells

3. Destroy my immune system with (+-)16 days of intensive chemo

4. Re implant my stem cells

These 4 steps will take about 2 months in the hospital.

And then

5. Recovery - on average a patient is tired and depleted for a couple of weeks, so in this time I doubt I will be online much, let alone post pictures of hot guys Sad

So this is just a heads up to any one who might wonder where I have disappeared to. You all will not be forgotten and I will be back, stronger and healthier Smile

For those wishing to read the blog I will keep:

Love ya all Big Grin !!!
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
BEST wishes Spades!!! I'll be thinking of you and waiting for your return! Knuddel
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
All the best. I hope the outcome is the best it can be.
I think you are very brave and I wish you all the best and a successful treatment. I also wish that the times you spend waiting for results that you will not be anxious or stressed.
Take care and please give us updates when you can........
Good luck Spades, you make sure you get well soon so you can come back and post more hawt pictures.

And watch them movies too!
You are in my thoughts! Hope you feel better soon!
Good luck! (:
Hope everything turns out great dude!
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
good luck ^__^
i hope everything goes well ^_____^
I hope everything goes well, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Bighug

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