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Bear or not bear, the question
Depends on the guy for me n.n
I don't like hair very much at all. I prefer a smooth body. A guy with blond hair and smooth skin is my ideal.
I enjoy rubbing morning stubble against stubble. Confusedmile:
Shadow, or a neatly trimmed beard would be ok but I love a freshly shaved check.

Don't like long, wild beards or goatees.
men have to have hairs - thats for me very important.
I prefer men with hair any day of the week.
Especially when it comes to pubes (not to be too graphic) but i actually prefer a man who is unshaven down there. It helps me not feel like i'm messing around with a child, lol....guess that's just my weird mentality. lol
With , for sure.
Well, I'm pretty sure I'm what is considered a bear and I don't have a whole lot of experience so I dunno if I'd want another bear or not. Definitly something I'd have try out.

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