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Beard of Not??
Beard or not?

is it a good idea to have a beard or not? I'm thinking of shaving mine off..
Personally i prefer a lil stubble or clean shavin Wink on the other hand winters commin and a chin warmer can come in handy Roflmao

It all depends on the size, right?Rolleyes
yar Wrote:It all depends on the size, right?Rolleyes

OMG, That is sooo funny, I think Lol2

It is so difficult to say what you should do about your facial hair...

Maybe make some changes but as Phil said, winter is coming and it does help to have something going on with your face in the winter...
A well-kept beard can look sexy ... but I think you should avoid a Brian Blessed beard - unless of course you ARE Brian Blessed, for he can carry the look off with ease Confusedmile:.


Lol2. Sorry, couldn't resist !

But yeah - a well-maintained beard CAN look really kewl - depends on the face really (as in the angle of the cheekbones, whether you're under- or overweight etc., etc.).

Why not post a picture of yourself WITH beard, and we'll tell you what we think Confusedmile:.

Juuuuuuust a thought ...


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
[Image: Photo9.jpg]

[Image: Photo6.jpg]

God I cant get my hair like it use to look like...
I think it all depends whether you want the bad boy look or the sweet and innocent.Sawink2

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
I think innocent for now as I'm trying to make new friends I don't wanna scare them away lol!

As long as it isn't a huge bush, it's fine by me! Cool i think stubb is sexy.

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