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Beards - Yay or nay?
How do you guys feel about beards? I've become very unlucky all of a sudden because everytime I shave I always cut myself. Sad

I was thinking about just leaving it and letting it grow out for the first time and wondered what how you guys feel about beards.

I like them, I wouldn't say I hate them... unless they smell or something then.. ew.
I've seen some guys with their beards really short and well-groomed and they look really good, I think I might grow mines out a bit just to be able to go to a barber and get it like theirs.

EDIT : Darn, I should have just made this a topic on facial hair in general. V__V
I don't like keeping a beard makes me feel filthy. I'm not really attracted to facial hair on guys either......Or i should say LOTS of facial hair on guys.

Feel free to PM Me. Keep in mind though, you have to catch me at the right moment. I will read everyone though. Want to try your luck? lol
I have one.. since I was 13..... sometimes I changes the style... but never had a bare face

you maybe shave wrong ... or you used incorrect blades
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Big old Yay form me.
I let that bad boy grow Tux.
I keep a beard since 2006, though the few times I tried growing a moustache proved way too uncomfortable.

On others, I'm not really a fan... I kinda like smooth twinks. There are some who do look great with it though, specially if it's of a lighter color. I guess that makes my vote a "don't care" :-P
I find them VERY attractive on the right guy.
And i've got a kind of short beard that disapears whenever i take a photo. :tongue:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Genersis Wrote:I find them VERY attractive on the right guy.

this :biggrin:
i like the smaller groomed beards
but some people suit the bigg old crazy ones :tongue:
Snow Wrote:this :biggrin:
i like the smaller groomed beards
but some people suit the bigg old crazy ones :tongue:
Also this.:biggrinSadIf ya don't mind me saying so.)
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
No. I dislike having a beard. I tried one a few years back. I photos of me then and wonder what I was doing. It looked awful.

In retrospect, it was a time when I deeply hated myself so it was, at some subconscious level, some sort of attempt at hiding from myself.

However, some men really suit a beard.

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At one time had both a moustache and a beard, and it can put years on you. If you are young and want to look older then a moustache with add a couple of years to the face, but a beard can add about 5 to 10 years. As you get older the hairs get grey and scraggly, some look good with it but many don't. Not for me, like people with clean faces.

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