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Been on a date
Today I went on a date, the first one I have been on in a while. It went fantastic. After the date he texted me and asked to meet again as soon as we can, he says I am cute too. It's been a good day.
An eye for an eye
Awesome! Congrats, man.
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You mean you didn't know you were cute? Silly fellow, we all knew.
I bid NO Trump!
Congrats. And we all knew you were cute. Hehehe
Best of luck for date two Smile

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oh. I miss dates, also I miss having a couple Sad

btw congrats to you Big Grin
Fair play fella, Im on POF again looking for a date as we speak. Thought I would first try dating a women, none of them even look at my profile in a week but within 5 mins I had 10 views and a message lol!

Grrrr women!!
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