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Benefits of Guys
Guys have no menstruation obviously? Rolleyes
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Well now that you mention it, there are the little things.

Your partner doesn't mind if you leave the toilet seat up - he leaves it up too.
No used tampons in the trash or, clogging your toilet (though a female friend managed to clog mine once that way)
When he claims he has a headache, it's an invitation to have sex. :tongue:
He will help you trim hair that you just know no straight guy bothers to trim.
He never cares if you steal his nylons, he probably stole your fishnets (assuming you both do drag)
He knows the value of an elongated toilet bowl and doesn't complain over the added cost of getting one.
Good question! With me, I find that my favourite part of a guy is the familiarity of him. I know what makes my guy tick because it's the same for me. Sure, we both have drastically different personalities, but we also have a lot in common.

There's also something to be said to curling up in his arms when he's sleeping and just feeling his soft hair against your skin and that smell too! :p And let's face it: we know how everything works down there already so we're experts!
Double007 Wrote:Soooo... I have been thinking of relationships lately and I was wondering what you guys say the benefits of having a boyfriend vs a girlfriend.

What is/are the best thing/s that guys have to offer? (besides a penis ha ha ha)

What do you like best about your boyfriend/partner?

I think it's a little unfair to use the word "offer", when the relationship benefits will be contributed by both parties involved. It also depends heavily on what you want. I told a friend of mine that what I want out of a relationship with a guy is a friend, someone to watch bad movies with, play video games, go biking, joke around with, and sometimes I get to touch his penis.

But the thing I like best about my boyfriend is his leg hair. OMFG HIS LEG HAIR. It's a damnable turn-on forest AND HE NEVER WEARS SHORTS.
Counselor Wrote:... and sometimes I get to touch his penis.

But the thing I like best about my boyfriend is his leg hair. OMFG HIS LEG HAIR. It's a damnable turn-on forest AND HE NEVER WEARS SHORTS.

Bahahaha so cute! :p
just can't see me with a woman again ...even when I was in
in the past, it was disasterous. I understand men and have
always been in closer-than-a-friend relationships with strong
dominant men!
Yes Counselor, a relationship is a two party thing. I was really looking to see what guys liked about their partner/boyfriend. Probably could have worded that better. I'm with you on having that friend. Some to relate to and experience life together.
Well, nothing specific that I think would be different with a woman were I straight. Regardless of gender, two people can share interests, or excel at certain things that compliment what I excel at doing. I think a woman would be just as capable of learning what pleases me, and I what pleases her. So aside from the sexual attraction, because I am gay, I can't think of a real difference that would make a male partner preferable to a female partner.

A woman might like the same music I do, might enjoy hunting, fishing and horses as much as I do, might want the self sufficient, close to nature life I want. She might even have fun imagining what would happen if Star Trek were real, or if we lived on a Water World type of planet. She might like the same games I do.

See that's the problem with the question, aside from the few, usually quirky, humorous things, that are gender dependant and, the fact that I don't want to have sex with a woman, there isn't any reason women couldn't be a lot like me and, be a good partner. I just want a man for a partner because I really don't like the idea of being celibate.
I don't want to be celibate either and I have very little interest in women. I get so turned on by guys.
Perhaps we can say HORMONES in the fact woman tend be more emotional. They tend to cry easily

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