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Benefits of Guys
Bricg1970 Wrote:Perhaps we can say HORMONES in the fact woman tend be more emotional. They tend to cry easily
Is that necessarily something to do with hormones or is it in the ability to be in touch with one's emotions and feelings? Real men don't cry, we've been told... I beg to differ. Real men DO cry, and they're better men for it. :biggrin:
princealbertofb Wrote:Is that necessarily something to do with hormones or is it in the ability to be in touch with one's emotions and feelings? Real men don't cry, we've been told... I beg to differ. Real men DO cry, and they're better men for it. :biggrin:

Men can cry, and I agree with you but what I meant is that woman tend to be more intesively emotional than men,
I thin that is cultural and nothing do do with hormones at all. As men we are taught to hide our emotions at very young ages. Hide an emotion long enough and, it's really hard to even let yourself feel it, we are trained to stop feeling. Break that and I think we are just as emotional, we may express it differently, but if we allow ourselves, we do express emotions just as often as women do.
Spades Wrote:Shared interests - lets face it, not a lot of girls are in to action/sci fi movies, comic books, metal music and gadgets (and porn :p)

Hey, some girls are! Oh... wait... ;-)
I'm not sure about women being more emotional in any physical sense (though society certainly encourages that to be the case) but it sounds to me like hormones do affect the ability to cry. I've heard of men who regained their ability to cry as easily as they did before puberty set in after losing their testicles and/or prostrate, and given that these are older people who had time to adjust I'm not inclined to think they were "just upset over something really bad." Likewise, I've heard of women who started taking T to become men and despite wild mood swings some of them also reported a lesser ability to cry (despite wanting to more than ever before sometimes, that is to say they didn't lose the ability to cry because they lacked emotion, instead they were somehow inhibited and it wasn't social, if they cut back on the T they regained their ability to cry as normal).

And so I tell the man I'm with about the other life I lived
And I say, "Now you're top gun, I have lost and you have won"
And he says, "Oh no, no, can't you see

When I was a girl, my mom and I we always talked
And I picked flowers everywhere that I walked.
And I could always cry, now even when I'm alone I seldom do
And I have lost some kindness
But I was a girl too.
And you were just like me, and I was just like you"

--from Dar Williams, When I Was a Boy

ETA: just one thing...I've seen a few men who cry when they get really angry...and they are so angry when they do that they scare me. Seriously, when I see a guy I don't know get so angry he cries I get the hell away.


But that aside, a very odd thing is that a great many lesbians are geeks into games, comics, etc. It's so common there's even a site that used to be really popular (I don't know if it still is), and I think half the women I've gamed (that would be role playing games of various types) with (nearly all who weren't into it just because their man was) were at least bisexual (I emphasize this is my personal experience, not me making a statement of fact). I've always been curious about that. (And interesting enough when my best friend of the time tried "feminizing" me at 15 as she thought I was getting too gay she insisted I stopped reading fantasy & scifi as it would, she believed, help me to like guys better.)
Well, when it comes to gaming, yes I do see that the female players fit one of three categories:
Straight and playing because their man does.
Gay and playing a straight male character.
Bi and playing a female, usually bi, character.
wit two exceptions that I know of in the MMO game I currently play. One is a gay woman playing a straight female character and, the other is a straight woman playing a straight female character but, in RL she is a submissive in a TPE relationship (Master/slave) and her Master asked her to find outside interests to pull her out of that role when he was away so, class that one wherever you want.

As for scifi, I think that's about equal. More females than males tend to be into horror and, more males than females into action. Fantasy really depends on the sub genre as to if more males or females enjoy it. Porn is more a male thing but, erotica is more a female thing - I guess they'd rather read and imagine than actually see it.

Personally: MMO game yes, I enjoy both porn and erotica, I do prefer sci fi over fantasy except Arthurian Legend, and I like action movies but not action books. I can and do cry, not daily, or even weekly but definitely several times a year. Not usually over anything in any form of media, but real life things. so, make of it what you will.
A lot of our gender behaviour is learnt and ingrained from a very early stage.... As a man growing older, I find that I get more emotional, more easily, but I'm also wondering whether it isn't just how I've changed since I've accepted myself, and stopped repressing feelings that were embarrassing earlier. In the face of it, I think I allow myself more crying, more emotion when I'm touched, where before I've have kept a hard matter of fact stance. It may be aging, it may be hormonal (??) but it might just as well be what I allow myself to feel. I think it is also to do with having acquired more emotional experience over the years, being more strongly aware of what can affect others, etc.

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