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Best holiday ever!
Where was your best holiday you had so far? Any plans for this year? :biggrin:

Mine was before i come to England 4 years ago in Santorini a Greek island for 15 fantastic days and 2005 Canary islands but only 5 days .

Hmmm as for this year i should be more adventurous but because i ll be traveling alone i am going to Malta and Sardegna where i have friends to visit. Then Rome for a day and back to London Rolleyes

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Hmmm, I have two.

In 2004 I went to Peru with "Help A London Child" and hiked through the Ande's for 10days, camping in -15 conditions, toilets as holes in the ground - real back to Earth stuff. We ended at Macchu Picchu, but my highlight was when we climbed the peak to 4424m and looked out across the Ande's, it was incredible.

Then last year I went back to South America to do some conservation research in Ecuador. It wasn't really a holiday because we were working hard but I lived in the Amazon for 8weeks, miles away from any kind of civilisation and it was the best thing I ever did. It was a completely mad environment with critters all shapes and sizes, limited food, no mod cons and was absolutely ace! I miss is greatly even nearly a year after I left.
WOW dude!! What's exactly your job?? You're actually talking about jobs as if they were holidays... Exciting! You would definitely kill yourself if you were suddenly dismissed and you had to work from now on in an office for a company...
What shall you do specially in Argentina? I can recommend you some excellent spots! :biggrin:

Going back to the topic itself... I enjoy every summer holidays in my relative's mason near the river in a little town in Cordoba province. But if we've gotta speak about something special... I really enjoyed silver Florianopolis (Brazil) beaches; or the great house which backyard was the beach itself in La Paloma, Uruguay; or my journey with parents and sister to northern Patagonia (Bariloche & Esquel) in 2004 for easter holidays.

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