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Best of California?
I think the hostel situation might be best if you reserve as early as is the link if you want to do it now...

San Francisco Hostels - Hostelling International - San Francisco

Here is one for Santa Cruz

Youth Hostel Santa Cruz California Budget Backpacker Cheap Hotel

The trains and buses I think are safe to sleep on...I haven't heard anything that would indicate otherwise.

The nice thing about the Bay Area is basically everything is within an hour so the train and BART will be easy enough to travel on and I think your baggage will be acceptable...not sure how much you have if you want to travel on campuses...museums. Do you plan on leaving most of it in a room or traveling light?
I booked accommodation for SF only. I think I'll make more specific plans.
But if I picked up a boyfriend on the way might change plan completely? Astrosmiley2 Like going to Disneyland..
I just think, if I check in should it be in the afternoon, then I leave my stuff and travel with a day pack but if I'm only to stay one night, the next morning I have to drag all my stuffs again. It is not possible to visit places with all that stuff.
If you are coming to California as a single gay man you must visit Palm Springs!! It's a gay mecca. I’m working with East Canyon Hotel + Spa (eastcanyonps dot com) and got to visit for a weekend. It was snowing where I came from and what a treat it was to open the curtains and see the desert mountains and sun shining down onto the pool (which is heated!). Richard and his staff were lovely, attentive, but not cloying. It was a great winter getaway.

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