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Bicurios CD
I was never bi-curios. But in the last year, i have been crossdressing and going out dressed often, I have been having bi-sexual fantasies. I get turned on seeing myself in the mirror dressed as well as with thoughts of having a bf. I hope to learn more about health and other issues relating to being bi.
Hello and welcome to the forum,
Hope your doing well... We are a pretty open minded forum so dont be scared about your lifestyle scaring us as we talk and discuss about alsorts of things so pull up a chair and join in

KJindest regards

zeon x
Welcome to the site! I actually find crossdressing very interesting and cool. :biggrin:
Hi and Welcome to GS!
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Hello and welcome! There's a great group of people here willing to help with any situation and comment on any topic. Look around the forums and post some stuff and hopefully you will find everything you're looking for.
Hi welcome to the forum.

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Boldblue Thanks all for the warm welcome.
Hello and welcome to the group. Confusedmile: Wavey
Welcome to the site! If you have any questions feel free to ask. We will be more then glad to answer them for you.
Welcome! Wavey

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