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Bidens Russia Sanctions
So, as some of you may know I like to shoot. This new sanction by Biden against Russia seems crazy to me (and anyone else in the shooting community). He seemingly took a huge strike at the firearms community for no apparent reason. Banning the import of Russian firearms and ammo (most notably the 7.62x39). The only place that produces this ammo is Russia, with Wolf, Tula, and Red Army Standard. Not just the 7.62, but Russia also makes a lot of standard 9mm, .223, and .22 ammo. My opinion on this nonsense is just another way for the Biden regime to (in classic Democrat fashion) again strike at the legal gun owners of America for no apparent reason. People are already stockpiling, prices already sky-rocketing, and most every reliable place online is sold out. 

Anyone got an opinion on this sanction?

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