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Big Bang Theory season06 started?
new episodes of the Big Bang Theory ( season 06 )
[Image: The-Big-Bang-Theory-CBS-season-6-2012-poster.jpeg]
Thanks for letting me know! So many new series and so many good returning ones at the moment!
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
I don't see it being related to 'soaps' in any way, but yes, yes it did! Howard in space!
Yay! I love this show! Thanks for the update :biggrin:
First episode of season 6 air here in Australia this Tuesday Smile
Just watched it btw, ah excellent as usual.
we most likely see it tonight
you guys never said someone is dating someone new!!!!!
gods i love BBT! and so freaking jealous of HER (you know the one)

Great.....will start here next week I think.. Confusedmile:

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