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Blue And Lonesome - The Rolling Stones
It's the much anticipated first studio album in more than a decade for the band that spans 6 decades.

Technically this is their finest album, but Mick Jagger's voice does not lend it self well to to blues so this album was rather uncomfortable to listen too.

I have enjoyed The Rolling Stones for many years and I sincerely hope that this is not their last recording, it would be a shame for the guys to end their illustrious career with an album that leaves even the most ardent fan wondering, uhming and ahhing.
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Maybe, [MENTION=24118]deephiance[/MENTION], you should listen to it again, and again. Sometimes jazz and the blues has a knack of growing on you rather than being instantly enjoyable. I have not heard the album, but it may be one of the jewels in their long collection. Maybe it takes a little more to find its appeal. Give it a chance ?
(I am personally NOT a fan of the Rolling Stones and never have been, but.... )
I love the Blues [MENTION=1766]princealbertofb[/MENTION] and I love The Rolling Stones and I have listened to it a few times, Technically it is perfect, BUT Jaggers voice doesn't have the presence needed to make a blue song blue Sad
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I understand what you mean. I wonder, however, if that means he was a fraud all his singing life... Just 'wondering', but not indicting.
Most musicians from that era 'experiment' with their music and their voices and at sometime all artists from that era produce an album that is not quiet right, but they were brave enough to expose themselves. Most artists these days don't think too much outside the square they live in and just pump out song after song that all sound the same on album after album.
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