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Doubtless you'll have heard about it, but just incase y'all haven't...

So Bongo is this service that you text your name, age and place to and they text you back with facts about yourself. Scary premise, non??

So i heard about it in work on Sunday, where my work peeps were telling me how it freaked them out on the night out on Thursday. It told Louise she was a third year undergraduate at Aberdeen uni and told Lisa she works in BHS.

SO i texted it and got: 'Bongo knows that Nick is a total poser and is very fond of his hair. He loves Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Alison thinks he is a bit crazy.'

Right, so there's no denying the first bit. And we already know that the Bextor is my idol (or rather, one of). And Alison is the name of my flatmate, with whom i share a totally wacky sense of humour...

I am officially frightened that people have such information abut me at their fingertips, and never want to fill out another online survey again...
would love to test it out but dont have a cell and thus cant text myself so will never know how spooky it might get Baby2
Sounds very scary. I've never heard of it before. Presumably there is a charge to use it?
So if you can find out about yourself, no doubt you could also find out about somebody else??? What was that in 1948 about BIG BROTHER watching YOU???
I'm assuming they charge, but i've had no notification (textual or otherwise) of it...

To be honest, most of the stuff they tell you is pretty generic. It's not exactly a well guarded secret that i'm a poser, now, is it??

But still, it IS a scary thought. Though from now on immana use it when i meet someone new just to find a bit out about them hehehe

I'm SUCH a stalker when i like (or don't like) someone...
If you have to put your name and address in, cant they just pic names from around the same area that are common. Did your flatmate also do the text? Its like those psychics(i use the term extreamly loosely) that have a load of lines that most people could relate to. and

OMG I love SEB she looks like such a bitch but shes really nice, like Mutya buena.
Lol it wouldn't be surprising if you put your address in, nono, name, age, and place where you're from. So i put Aberdeen, which is where i AM, and where i'm registered, lol

I reckon tis mostly done through accessible online databases and social networking sites and stuff...

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