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Bottom Problem
Hi to all . So i want your advise . Im bottom but actually i do sex with transsexuals . I like a lot to use dildos and now about 8 months from now i use a huge dildo 23cm . Oh my god i like it so so much .Iwas trying to get it all but at first it was so hard . As the days goes by finally i made it with a lot of oils . The main problem is that sometimes when i do it hard i see some blood , not a lot , just a little . Not every time happens but 3 or 4 times . I use it almost day by day . Do u have any idea what is it ? I forgot to mention that i was see my doctor and i was getting colonoscopy to see how i was because i was suffering with some pain before i was going at the toillet and all it was good . Please i want your answers .
Fact1: You forcefully ram a huge plastic cock up your arse.
Fact2: You bleed minor amounts from your rectum.
Fact3: You experience pain when trying to use those same rectal muscles.

Gee I dunno maybe it's something to do with your diet.
The huge dildo tore some tissue inside or around the anus.

If it's light red / pink, it's around the outer anus area. if it's dark red, it's further in.

Ummm, go easy with big things up there, it will tear. Go see a doctor and get medication for possible anal fissures
Use more tzatziki.
I bid NO Trump!
You should really consider stopping the use of that toy for now. You may be stretching your anus too much, too quickly- which is probably why you're bleeding. I would recommend starting off at smaller sizes, then work your way up.
Sorry [MENTION=23764]Legend1977[/MENTION] . It's been brought to my attention that my earlier post was abit mean.

You really should slow it down and take more time to warm yourself up before playing with that toy. Try buying one a couple sizes smaller and using that before you switch to the big one.

As for the pain in the toilet. Stretching tears muscle fibers which is normal and not a problem. But if you go to use those muscles before the fibers have had a chance to heal then it's going to hurt.
It's no different to working out your biceps then trying to move something heavy right afterwards.
Big thanks guys much apriciated for your answers it was usefull enough .
Is it normal that i can not gain enjoyment in sex as a bottom? it just hurts so much although we used a lot lube. when its inside of me, i just felt so uncomfortable.

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