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Bottom stamina
Hi, I've been browsing the forum and haven't found an answer to my question.

I hope there are one or two guys on this forum that can help me out. I'm 52, bi male and my girlfriend (yes, sorry) and I have been having a lot of fun with toys. I bought a set of trainers (progressively larger butt plugs) and have gotten up to the second to last size (1.75 diameter). She loves doing me with our dildos, plugs and find her fingers and I love being done =)

My problem is, when she gets going in a nice rithym it goes from being fantastic to uncomfortable after about 30 seconds or so. I would really like to take a good pounding but I have to call uncle pretty quickly it seems.

So, is there anything I can do to increase my stamina as a bottom? I don't really want to resort to drugs, other then the anti-inflammatory kind.

Thanks in advance, I know there's someone here who can help me out...
I haven't had this issue, so I'm just guessing here;
More lube?
More training?
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I don't think lube is the problem, I really enjoy the feeling of all that slick lube on my ass, and we have an injector to load me up inside. Again, the feeling of warm slick fluid all over is a huge turn on. The lube we use is supposed to be ok for anal play, non irritating.

I suspect the problem is the toys we're using, maybe they are too stiff?

Thanks again.
Johng650 Wrote:...So, is there anything I can do to increase my stamina as a bottom?....
Dude..... [MENTION=20947]MikeW[/MENTION] You are awesome. *Chuckles as he reads through the suggested titles at the bottom of that page.*
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TwisttheLeaf Wrote:Dude..... [MENTION=20947]MikeW[/MENTION] You are awesome. *Chuckles as he reads through the suggested titles at the bottom of that page.*

Tongue3 IKR...

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[MENTION=23892]Johng650[/MENTION], try asking her to vary the rhythm. Practice relaxation. Use plenty of lube. Try different lubes. Try different positions.

By the looks of it, you should also consider subscribing to Amazon Prime.
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Go back down a size or two. Bottoming shouldn't be painful.
Use a condom.
So I thought I would write a little update...

We had a very nice play session last night. Lots of different toys and lots of different positions. The good news is didn't have to tap out once.

What made the difference? First LJay, your suggestion of varying rhythm and speed, as well as varying depth was one key. However I think the biggest difference was me internally. I tried not to eat anything all day before playing. I had only half a bagle and half a banana all day. I'm very regular so did my morning business as usual, then in the shower before our play session I cleaned out with warm water. So I was my digestive system was virtually empty.

I want to thank everyone who had suggestions.

(One happy bottom),

Learn the awesome technique of dry orgasms.

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