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Bottom stomach problems
Hello! I'm in a relationship for six months and I'm bottom. The problem is that for the last two months I experience a lot of health issues. Me and my boyfriend enjoy having hard sex and in order to cum he really needs to pound me for at least 5 mins. After that I have a lot of gas/air that is very uncomfortable and it lasts 2-3 days before disappearing. In addition I feel mild stomachache and generally worse mood. I wonder if I might have a problem with stomach/intestines and anal sex make my condition worse or if anal sex alone causes the problem. We use a lot of gel, and he tries to finger, prepare me before the hard part but the issue continues. Anyone has similar experience and how do you deal with it? Thanks in advance.
It's possible that you might have something like IBS, and the act of the pounding is cramming enough air in there to trigger an issue? You should consider going to see a doctor, just to be on the safe side.
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You could try asking your friend to be less aggressive. It may take some learning for both of you but it may help.
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Is the only time you have stomach issues is after sex? Is he cumming inside you or are you using condoms? Has he tried not pounding you and see what happens then? Is he pulling out and re-entering alot?
It does sound like a form of bowel syndrome... "gay bowel syndrome" is now considered offensive and unuseful, as a term.,019.htm
I looked up the terms "gay bowel syndrome" only to find that there are some really quite judgmental sites out there making MSM out to be not only a waste ot space, but also a great financial burden on society... Hmmmm. Wonder how much money we've all forked out in taxes to pay for other people's health or family problems.

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