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Boulder PrideFest
Had these since mid of september & meant to upload sooner but forgot about it
(Spades's Johannesburg Pride thread reminded me...)

This was in Boulder Colorado on September 16th
(its by no means a big city, so this was a fairly small event)

Entrance to amphitheater area
[Image: picture.php?albumid=527&pictureid=3704] [Image: GS1240.jpg]

Some of the vendor booths along street
[Image: picture.php?albumid=527&pictureid=3705] [Image: GS1245.jpg]

Stage/amphitheater where bands play
[Image: picture.php?albumid=527&pictureid=3706] (img-3)

(hopefully the images show up this time)
God I would love to go to that - as a serious runner/triathlete aapparently Boulder is supposed to be an amazing place. Very jealous!!!
Well pictures didnt load but i only ever went to one gay pride in my life and actually enjoyed it.. For a whole decade i was dead against pride seeing it as an excuse for gays to just have a complete piss up but when i went in september i was working it and it was nice to be working and soaking up the entire atmosphere of the whole evening with the community spirit coming together
@watkins: Boulder is best known for their "Bolder Boulder" 10k run every spring .. very popular event. (I've never watched it, but know people who have ran) only time I have been to Boulder is for Pridefest (both this year & last) .. wish it was closer so I could check out some of their parks & trails for walking/hiking on

@zeon: I think there is some sorta bug on GS for displaying images. A couple should show up now...or you might see duplicates LOL
I was never against gay pride's .. but until a couple years ago I was way too afraid to go. Was a pretty cool feeling the first time I went.

if images still don't show try my album here
Thank for sharing it!

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