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Boy George's abuse of a gay male model.
From : Boy George 'handcuffed escort for hacking computer' | Music |

Boy George outside Snaresbrook crown court where he is standing trial accused of assaulting and falsely imprisoning a male escort. Photograph: Tim Ireland/PA

The singer Boy George handcuffed a male escort to the wall by his bed after accusing him of breaking into his computer system, a court heard today.
Boy George, 48, whose real name is George O'Dowd, agreed to pay £400 to Audun Carlsen, a Norwegian working as a male escort, in April last year, prosecutors allege.

A jury at Snaresbrook crown court heard O'Dowd used a "heavy" - a burly assistant - to grab Carlsen and handcuff him to a fixture in his bedroom after a pornographic photo shoot.
The two men met after the singer contacted Carlsen in January last year to take the photographs. They took cocaine and O'Dowd performed a sex act on the escort, the court heard.

Carlsen said Boy George had appeared "wired" from taking cocaine and had left with only £300 after becoming uncomfortable. Later, O'Dowd accused Carsen of tampering with his computer.

Carlsen told the court that over the next two months he received a number of "bizarre" and accusatory emails, which he began to ignore. Some of the exchanges between the two were read out in court. Carlsen said the singer later apologised saying he'd accused the wrong person and agreed to the second meeting in April.

When they met again at O'Dowd's place, Carlsen was ambushed by the singer and another man, said the prosecutor, Heather Norton.
"Two men grabbed Carlsen and forced him to the floor. O'Dowd produced a set of handcuffs. They placed one end on Carlsen's right wrist and the other end to a hook that was screwed to a fixture near the bed.
"O'Dowd told the unidentified man to leave, which he did, then O'Dowd too left the room, leaving Carlsen alone, chained up. While he was unable to get loose, he managed to wrench the hook free."

The court was told that Carlsen was left "shaking and frightened".
"His fear was increased when O'Dowd returned to the room with a box ... inside were chains and leather straps. O'Dowd said: 'Now you're going to get it.'"

The court was told Carlsen broke free early the next morning and ran to a newsagent dressed in his boxer shorts and the handcuffs.
"O'Dowd tried to grab him and swung a chain at him, which hit him on the back. Carlsen, perhaps younger and fitter, was able to escape," said Norton.

O'Dowd told police he believed Carlsen had tampered with his computer and removed material. "He believed three or four people had accessed his computer and Carlsen was one of them," Norton said.

She said O'Dowd admitted to police that he knew Carlsen was "really scared" and that he had been "angry". Norton said O'Dowd had told police they were some "serious handcuffs" and that "you can't get out of them".
"Indeed, Carlsen had to be cut out by the fire brigade," Norton told the court.

She said O'Dowd had told police: "I will absolutely own up to handcuffing him. I wanted to find out if he was the person (who tampered with the computer)."
Norton said the jury would have to decide whether the singer really meant to hurt Carlsen and why he locked him up. O'Dowd denies a charge of false imprisonment.

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Interview with Audun carlsen : norwegian mag is called

the norwegian Audun Carlsen was prisoned by boy george.
he wanted me as a sex slave.

80s hero: is boy george from the group culture club a sex-monster? now he's suspected for kidnapping and assault.

Boy George chained me to the wall. I thought he was going to kill me!

Sure I was going to die!:
-boy george should go to prison. I don't want any other man to go trought everything he's done to me! says Audun Carlsen (28) to "se og hør".
The norwegian is still shocked over what he experienced last friday, when "se og hør", like the only norwegian press organation, meets him in London.
- I'm telling everything for that my Norwegian friends and family shall know the truth.

refused to have sex:
the model met boy george (45) for the first time in january. the singer contacted him trough the netsite gaydar, and asked Audun about being a model for his gay designing collection.
-I knew the pictures would be erotic, but it was ok. At least i got 3500 kroner for them.
- George took the pictures, and we enjoyed eachothers company.
He was high on lots of cokain, said the boy from kristiansand.
and after that, started what was going to be the start of the kidnapping according to Audun.
- after a while George started touching me and wanted to have sex with me. I said that I didn't want to! sais Audun openly.
the refusal was too heavy for the "culture club" star.
- he got really mad at me. I guess he's use to get what he wants, says the norwegian.

after refusing sex George shall have sent a lot of threatening e-mails. but for about a week ago the singer said he was sorry, and wanted Audun to come to his apartment to take some more model pictures.
the norwegian said yes -and asked for a guaranty that the same would not happend as in january. When Audun arrived the apartment at midnight last friday, he knew little about what was waiting.
- the photoshot took 3 hours, and durinf the night george got more and more high on cokain.
-5 o clock at night George suddenly said that he had to go out and buy some milk! I was sitting in the livingroom in only my underwear, and I heard him come back after 5 minutes. He went into the bedroom, and asked me to come after him.

Chained to the wall:
this was the start of Audun's worst nightmare.
-at the bedroom I was first attacked by George and another man. they draged me up in the bed and held me down. I desperatly tried to break free, but they were too strong, says Audun, who thought his last hour had come.
-george locked my hands to the wall with some handcuffs meanwhile he screamed dimishing comments to me. I have never been that scared in my whole life.
- He told the other man to leave, because this was "his thing". he hit me and said: Now you gonna get what you deserve.
afterwards the singer disappeared into the livingroom, meanwhile Audun hang helpless to the wall.
-he was gone for 15 minutes, and I tried desperate to break free from the handcuffs. they were homemade, and had no lock. I was thunderstruck when I found out they were special made for me. he didn't want me to get free.

escaped in only his underwear:
when the celebrity came back to the bedroom, he had with him a box full of sex-toys, whips and chains.
-I feared for my life and thought he was going to use me, and then kill me, says the 28 yearold.
first 06.30 in the morning- after an hours nightmare, the 28 yearold got to break free.
-suddenly I got unknown power. I managed to break the handcuffs from the wall -and ran for my life out of boy george's appartment. George stalked me and tried to hit me with a metal chain. I was only earing my underwear and a t-shirt, but I ran out on the street to a kiosk. they called the police before I collapsed , says Audun with a shivering voice. the norwegian was at the police station 12 hours after the nightmare. the handcuffs had to be sawed off.
-the police said they had never seen anyhting like it!

that erotic picture was taken by boy george in january. Norwegian papers called Audun an escort-model, but he claims that he's just gettting money for working as a model -and not sex.

doesn't dare to live at home. -I'm frightened of what boy George will do now! Audun carlsen is although ready to meet the popstar in court.

living with a secret adress.
-he's a sick man
after the kidnapping boy george was arrested -and later bailed. now the police are investigating the serious charges. trough his brother, Kevin, George denied the allegations.
-he's a mad and evil man. this was planed strict before I arrived the appartment, says Audun and admit that he hope george will he locked in prison.
-I'm prepared to meet him in court and tell the truth, like I've told the police and "se og hør". Audun says that he's not ashamed of working as a homosexual model. but he's sorry for everything he's family have been trough. the Kristiandsand boy don't know if he can live a normal life again.
-I have never been involved in any trouble before, but now I feel like my life is turned on the head. i have no control anymore. my freedom is lost. I'm fearing for my life....

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I would have done the same if some escort touched my computer. Would have used a better hook though.
Australia Wrote:I would have done the same if some escort touched my computer. Would have used a better hook though.

Are you on cocaine too babes? TwakLaugh

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Australia Wrote:I would have done the same if some escort touched my computer. Would have used a better hook though.

spotysocks Wrote:Are you on cocaine too babes? TwakLaugh

I think our friend just needs to change his batteries Lol2
spotysocks Wrote:Are you on cocaine too babes? TwakLaugh
Not right now, lol.
i feel really sad for that model guy...
I'm not sure why this was thought worthy of being "news", but I've just seen that he has been found guilty and will be sentenced on 16th January. I wonder if he'll ever manage to get himself sorted out :frown: Sad waste of talent.

Btw, has anyone seen any photos of Boy George recently? Reminds me of The Hood.
marshlander Wrote:Btw, has anyone seen any photos of Boy George recently? Reminds me of The Hood.

What is The Hood?

I find it most sad as he seemed to be doing well when a Hare Krishna...
He reminds me of the creepy dealer in Requiem for a Dream lately...

And yeah, personally think a custodial sentence might either kill him or shake some reality into the crazy fucker.

Ky xx

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