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Boy, am I glad I don't live in China
Not if this is the state of its water

You can survive without gas, you can survive without electricity but you cannot survive without water. So, think before you throw anything down your sink or lavatory that might contribute to the contamination of your water supply.
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thank god we want everything as cheap as possible - this is the result of that...
China's rapid industrialization & economic rise,,, have created several major environmental & public health problems. Without proper regulation,, the counties quick rise to the worlds seconds largest economy has left it's rivers & streams undrinkable,, even underground water is contaminated. It's air is so polluted that China's major cities have daily warnings that tell people when it's unsafe to go outside.

Sounds pretty much normal for a newly industrialized country. They'll spend the next 50 years trying to get the pollution under control and hopefully they will succeed within that time period.

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China is a newly industrialized country.

I'm not sure how China differs from other countries at the early stages of industrialization. Please Rolleyes .
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im sure even china knows much more nowadays and has knowledge about environment issues - much better knowledge than it was a century ago... so please, dont say "they dont know because they are a newcomers" as a synonym for "we just dont care".
mrex Wrote:im sure even china knows much more nowadays and has knowledge about environment issues - much better knowledge than it was a century ago... so please, dont say "they dont know because they are a newcomers" as a synonym for "we just dont care".

But that's exactly the case. They don't care, just like Europe and US and Russia didn't care in their time even when they did get to know how bad it was. Come on, environmental care is barely a 2-3 decade old thing. And industrialization began, what, 150 years ago?

That kind of thing only comes by means of pressure groups and regulations that need to be willingly accepted and enacted. China is a source for cheap manufactured products and unless that demand is gone, there will be no incentive for production to stop. And how it produces what it produces is China's problem. It's their people that will suffer the effects of it, so it's their people that need to wake up and pressure the government into enacting safer environmental regulation. Any kind of outside pressure is simple interventionism and any kind of high moral ground comment such as "oh boy I'm glad I don't live in China" outright tacky and hypocritical.
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the thing is not the same... today they can access several scientific resourches (data bases), environmental problems are already known facts on everywhere, etc... it is the chinese goverment who doesnt care also most of the people (workers) dont know - they just do what they need to do to get a salary. that is the reason why rest of the world is manufacturing stuff in china.: cheap and no one cares... if the worker get sick and dies because of chemicals, there is always someone else they can hire. if chinese people, goverment, dont do anything, nothing will ever change...

btw, i boycott stuff labeled "made in china" if i can - always i cant. it doesnt mean i boycott china, just the companies and people who dont care...
I suppose boycotting makes you feel good and content, but it's completely useless for the purposes you're pursuing. You aline can't fight agaisnt major corporations that are not under you're wn coutries laws.

Collaborate with the development of green energies and you'd be doing something far more useful.

We agree on one thing. It's China's problem and no-one elses. Any further commenting in the fashion of the title of this thread is condescending (a trait often found in those enjoying certain privileges while forgetting how they got them in the first place) and does absolutely nothing to solve the problematic in question.
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