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Boyfriend Visiting.
This weekend, my boyfriend is coming to my college. I have a single room, and two beds so he will be staying the weekend. I am excited but really nervous. I really don't know what will happen in the sexual department. I'm completely a virgin and he has never done anything past oral, so we are both pretty new. Should I have any expectations? We have been dating for about two weeks OFFICIALLY, though I feel it has been longer unofficially. I like him, and I just don't wanna screw things up. Any thoughts???
If you're not ready, don't hesitate to say you're not. He should be able to understand, Plus it would be rather silly for him to come all that way just to have sex with you haha Smile Plan some stuff out and let the weekend take it's course Smile
No expectation, no pressure but, as long as you are both okay with the possibilities, no restrictions either, except be safe. The most important thing is to relax and have fun together, be that having sex, chatting, snuggling, playing a game, going out, whatever. Just make time for some quality time where it's just the two of you but, don't get yourselves all stressed out over having sex, not having sex, or how you do that , if at all.
like rocker said it is pretty silly for him to come all the way down there just to have sex. just go with what feels right at the time. at least thats what me and my bf do and it works just fine
Be yourself, enjoy and be safe! Have a great time..........
Just be yourself, do plan anything or expect anything, just go with the flow and enjoy!
Be your self and have a good time with your boyfriend.
You'll probably be able to enjoy quite a bit of kissing if that's what you're into... Quite cathartic, you'll see. Take things as slowly or quickly as you both feel happy and comfortable with. Remember that all intimate acts are intimacy and cherish them for what they are. You'll soon know what else to do or try to get into each other more fully. If you aren't shy to ask, make sure he's comfortable with whatever you're doing and don't be afraid to discuss what you'd like to try. If he's ready for it, he'll gladly oblige, and so will you.
Take care and do it safely. Good luck. Enjoy your weekend.
Just take your time spend one moment at a time wisely and in the bedroom department if it is a case one of you wants to try anal the key to it is to relax dont just wop it in. Spend a little bit of time playing about and then if your taking it you insert it at your pace and if it hurts a little hold the moment and deep breathes and relax.... Your get the hand of it soon enough xx
Don't have any expectations. If you are both ready, something can happen. If one of you are not ready, the other should be able to respect that. Be ready for it if you want that, but don;t be upset if it doesn't. Do what feels right for both of you.

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