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Boyfriend cheated on me but asked for forgiveness, did I do the right th
So I found out that my boyfriend of 4 months has been talking with another individual. This conversation lasted for 2 days, and it was 2 weeks ago. In it, they traded nudes, with the obvious intention of taking it to a physical level. He claims nothing physical ever happen, but the thing is that, the last message sent was by my boyfriend, an the other person never replied. Had the person in the other end replied, I have a feeling things would have escalated to a point where they would have met and had sex.

After a long argument with him, and talking time to think about things, I forgave him. But obviously all trust is gone. Now, every time a male friend post on his facebook wall, I become indulge with jealousy. Should I break up with him? Or should I give him another chance?
sadly you are "overly attached" :| the more you tell someone you don;t want them to do , they will just jump doin it ... have a "i don;t care" break Tongue see what happens
if you truly love this guy, Stay with him. If you can't stand the pain of being cheated on, kick him to the curve.

This is something only you can decide for yourself.
first off welcome to GaySpeak

I noticed a slight twinge, a slight blink from my partner when I was working on his iPhone. He was in the room watching me. A bunch of red lights went off in my brain and later in the day i re visited his iPhone w/o his knowledge. Found he was texting a boy.

I posted this and asked gayspeak members if it was ok to spy on him. I think it was obvious, i did it with out regret but some members like Rainbowmum posted i was wrong in spying. Gayspeak members also advised my to cool off, dont do anything for a few days. This worked and we talked it through. I think your on the right track tho its all your decision.

TRUST is a major component in a relationship and things like this changes things forever as . We are now more open about things. I told him to clean up all emails texts and log files. I also told him I WILL be going through his stuff and i needed accounts passwords.

This led to a second argument; when I found some more things, even after I told him to clean up stuff.

-Basically both of you need to sit down and discuss your needs are; like is texting another gay is NOT ok with out mentioning it to your partner.
-You need to come up with a list of things you need for you to improve the TRUST issues you have and again present your situation to your BF. Be willing to compromise. I would not threaten him with leaving just then.

If he is not willing to work with you best you bail.
i think if he sincerely ask you to forgive and you love him, you should forgive.
in love always limited. love has no place for falsehood
Kick him to the curb.

I just came out of a long term relationship (14 years) where I discovered that during the past 12 of those years my partner had been having random hook-ups and lots of other stuff while lying to me all the time saying we were monogamous and committed.

He also lied about how long he was working, when he was looking for a new job, job interviews which were really excuses to go hook up. Lie heaped upon lie.

Your relationship is only 4 months old. If he is willing to give up on monogamy this early in the game, I would hate to think what he would do 1 year, 5 years, 10 years down the road.

This sort of situation rarely ends well.

<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
You should tell him if he dose any thing you will go all Lorena Bobbitt on his ass
If there is no trust, there can't be a relationship.

As far as cheating goes, from personal experience, cheating on a partner is not usually a 'one off' thing, it's a habit, especially in such a young relationship. 4 months in and he is still playing the feild?

I think it would be in your best interest to forgive him, and then move on because staying with someone you don't trust is only going to hinder the chance of someone more suited to you to come along Wink

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