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So this is Jennifer Lopez’s new song off her new album, Brave.

After a long train ride home from university, for Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been surrounded by many of my family members that kindly came to see me (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). I’m not usually a home sick kinda’ guy, but I felt weird tonight. My family is upstairs sleeping now, and I’m all alone in the basement on my laptop, just cruising the internet. I came across this song, and that bitch JLO made me cry after I listened to the chorus of this song.
Why you ask am I telling you any of this anyways? Well, ‘cause I have no one else I can share this with, and I guess I told myself that this is the kinda’ stuff I wanted to get off my chest by becoming a member here.
And it’s a good song, so just listen Smile

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