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Breakup. How do I get back my man?
Ok. So here's the story. My ex and I dated for three months. He told me he loved me and made me fall in love with him and even made his family fall in love with me. Things moved super fast but I was happy for the first time in years. Then last thursday he dumped me. After all his persuading and making me fall in love with him he dumps me because he said he needed to be independent for once in his life and that something in him had just changed and he doesn't love me that way anymore. I've already poured my heart out to him and he didnt care. What should I do? How do I make him see me again? I know I can't make him love me again but I dont think I have to cuz I believe he still does? Im going over to see him in three hrs. Advice tips???
Honestly I say a break is a break.... If you want to warm this relationship up you, are at a point where your bf is in a position where he ever can end this relationship again and when he say that he is not more intrested in a relationship he has said enough.
Start a new relationship with someone who really loves you or you have a good chance to end up in a cold and unloving relationship.
Other mothers have nice sons too...
#3 Stockholm Syndrome comes to mind. If you keep it in the well in the cellar and toss down lotion bottles threatening it 'It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again' - do that enough and you might actually force it to love you.

Granted this is considered illegal in most places of the world, but it could work. [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRRsKa-wrHPkurkS20PKQq...CiwOYuD6vg]

If the idea of you locking him up until he loves you (again) sounds horrific, then I must point out that your wanting ways to 'force' him to love you is equally horrific.

You cannot change what another person feels... well not in healthy ways (See the lotion idea above).

You can, however, change how you feel. Granted that is not easy either, but you do have more control over your own emotions, actions etc.

I'm sorry, But if he says it is over, then it is over.
If you believe that he still loves you that way then there may be a chance of a reconciliation with him; but if he doesn't then be prepared for that too. He's already stated that he doesn't and has broken off the relationship so I'm guessing he's serious about his feelings, but who knows, only he can tell you what his heart is telling him.

There may have been other factors to his decision, you both need to just sit down and have an honest discussion about it.

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