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Brian Wilson n' The Machine
This is MLB pitcher Brian Wilson and yes his beard is epic.
[Image: 1287191480_230937_M.jpg]

Brian Wilson plays for the San Francisco Giants

This is Brian Wilson's interview on The Cheap Seats with D-Bag Chris Rose the background

Uuuummm...Go Giants.
I thought this was "La Machine" or something, a bloody horrible huge mechanical spider that roamed the streets of Liverpool City centre and climbed a building... I think.

I hate spiders with a blue flame passion so I gave it a wide berth!
Kind of hilarious... How intrusive can tv be though?
... and I thought we were going to discuss a new collaborative project by the Beach Boys and David Bowie :redface:
I had no idea Brian Wilson was a beach boy till i started googling to find a pic to use, before my time I guess.
LMAO..his neighbor drops over "in gear" to borrow sugar? LaughLaughLaugh

I'd like to see the video of him actually getting his "borrowed sugar" from BrianWink

He's cute....I like him GO GIANTS!
I'm not sure his neighbour borrows sugar in full gear. He didn't come into the room to borrow sugar that time, he went into his own place, I believe... just passing through, and filmed unwittingly by the cameras of that tv network. Could have been quite an embarrassing situation, had Brian Wilson not been so cool about it.
Well the Giants just won that baseball thingy
Wonder how Mr.Wilson is going to celebrate:redface:
I watched the series of course and I had to fight hard to hold back my didn't work, I was doing OK until they interviewed Renteria...I was so happy for him. I wanted a shut out but I guess it is OK that Texas won one game:biggrin:

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