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British lad (be nice) :D
Hello guys Smile
I'm a young lad from Crawley in England. I'm visiting the states at the end of march for a monthSmile California and then new York for the last week. My dad is here on business and he invited me to join him. So I I'm gonna have lots of free time, and just checking out what's whatWink never been to the states before, and really looking forward to visiting your country guys. Not to mention checking out the talent Big Grin yank lads are proper fit lol
Welcome to the forum Scotty, it's a great place, I joined in June/July and I'm still here. And yes the guys and girls here are very nice to British people! :-) Well I've been to the states before, Miami and New York and its a bit different from the uk but the same (which doesn't really make sense) haha, whatever you do don't get into an unlicensed taxi haha
Welcome to the forum
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Hello Scotty , welcome to GaySpeak.Welcome
Hey cheers folks for the nice welcomes :biggrin: tbh I'm more concerned about getting into licensed premises lol heard its not easy to get in the boozers :frown:
Hi Smile
I'm posting here from Tokyo.
I visited the US last year, and they are soooo crazy about ID over there.
Even though I had a proper Japanese ID they said "No, we dont accept foreign IDs".

Maybe it was just us running in to the wrong bouncer/ door guy but try to have several types with you at all times. Passports should workd best...

But you being 17 and all....hmmm.....

Better you come to Tokyo! Most places are pretty easy going on ID and stuff here!
Welcome to GS.
As far as your visit to the U.S. In California, if you are going to be in the L.A. area, the gay section is West Hollywood, and if you are going to be in San Francisco, the gay section is the Castro. New York City's gay section is Chelsea . . . but, I don't know how much luck you are going to have getting into bars and clubs of any kind. The drinking age in the U.S. is 21. People DO manage to get in underage on occasion, but gay bars and clubs are particularly picky in my experience, and I can only imagine they will be even more picky with international visitors. As Gizzie indicated, you will use your passport for the most part while here. As far as checking out the "talent", you are also under the age of consent for the U.S., which is 18. You would have to either have a birthday between now and march, restrict yourself to fellow teens, or hope to find someone with lax character and no interest in keeping themselves out of prison.

Now, having said all that, I hope that you have a good time and don't get your father and yourself . . . or anyone else into too much trouble. I know. I'm such a spoil sport.
Scotty Wrote:Hey cheers folks for the nice welcomes :biggrin: tbh I'm more concerned about getting into licensed premises lol heard its not easy to get in the boozers :frown:

Unfortunately the legal age of drinking over there is 21, I found this out when I was over there ages ago, yeah and as Inchante says the legal age for consent is 18, although I find it strange they are allowed to start driving rather earlier than what we are in England, I'm sure driving a car is more dangerous lol. Also in terms of drinking I wouldn't say you tend to see the same sights you would in a Saturday night in England, I wouldn't say people from the U.S go out to get absolutely mortal like we do haha. Well I'm sure you can do other things while you are over there like seeing sights and just generally enjoying yourself. There are other things apart from drink and sex to entertain yourself with, so don't worry I'm sure you will have a good time. :tongue:
Once again cheers, hmmm sounds like it going to be a very sober experience. Or I will just raid the mini bar in the hotels Big Grin
As for sex my hand is gonna be busy Sad yea spose I can check out the sites maybe if I'm lucky I'll get picked up by some other sex starved lad Big Grin. Kinda shit I'm only going by myself be better if I had a friend with me, but this is meant to be me and dad bonding as I don't get to spend much time with him,since my parents divorced. I'm sure I will like the states. You guys have all been great appreciatedWink
Welcome to the Forums.

Oh and Welcome to California (I'm somewhere close to the center of the state - geographically speaking).

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