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C.S.I short rap
heres one of my short raps that i wrote if you like it cool and if you dont cool.

Yes and this is C.S.I, I shine my badge up in your eye.
these boys just got locked in the box doing that D.U.I.
I make my mark and search for clues up in ya scene.
I took a bullet out of a heart and the blood started to leak.
Put it in a ziplock bag while searching for more evidence.
take it to the lab and study closley at the fingerprints.
punishments to their killer they wont even have a chance.
now i know who you are and im coming for you man.
flick,flick when i take a pic of dead body parts.
trace the outside with my white chalk seeing dead body marks.
search for houses thats been sabotaged,broken glass plates.
writing information down on memo books marking the date.
hmm I find it hectic how these iller killlers get away.
my clues lies on the suspect that is smarter than the average brains.
And you can tell that i be on these missions all day.
running back and fourth eating jelly donuts on my break.
Hey its the scientists solving problems that's tough
And yes ya better believe well put you in them handicuffs.
its the C.S.I crew and its ya boy toomuch.
so all you killers tell your killers brace yOURselves WHAT.

i tried:redface:
Clever! ....
princealbertofb Wrote:Clever! ....
I liked it! :> Also...short? I could never make a rao that long! D:
Mr. Pancake Wrote:I liked it! :> Also...short? I could never make a rao that long! D:
AWWWWWWWW thank youuuuuu:redface:

i actually could make one long if i wanted too
an impressive insight into the mind of a murder-solving detective!
i wish i can hear you rap this one toomuch45....... i really do....

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