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COVID-19 sceptic
Although the death of anyone is lamentabe, this is poetic justice and, I hope, a wake up call for all the sceptics and anti-vaxxers out there.
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You would think that this and all the other stories like this would be enough to convince people, but it isn't. It is as if some of us are like lobsters in a pot of water being brought to a boil.
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Living in a predominantly conservative county, I am inundated with social media posts about the waste of mask use and importance of allowing infection for herd immunity. Working for the state DHHS, I have to remain an ambassador for setting the right example of teleworking to the greatest extent possible, always wearing a mask outside my home, maintaining effective distance, and frequent sensitization. So every time I sanitize I imagine swabbing the ignorant mouths out with the alcohol! It is an effective paradoxical effect and I'm weathering just fine despite the blatant madness. It is so difficult seeing folk out and about with no respect for science and decency.
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The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are just that - "theories" - and too many people assume they are "facts". The evidence is often sketchy at best or completely false

I am ashamed to admit I have been one of those people many times over the years and if I am being completely honest - I do talk myself down and let the opposite of what I believe to have a seat at the table but there is also at least a tiny part of me that most of the time still believes there is a possibility one or the other is partially or completely true. 

The problem with this one is that it is killing people in real time - the non believer and maybe the people around them.
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