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Caine's Cardboard Arcade Part 2
This was one of the first posts that I read after joining Gayspeak - Caine's Cardboard Arcade. I just saw the follow up video, telling the story of how a small boy with an idea made a big impact.

And as Jay said in the first post, this video should make everyone's day a little bit or a lot brighter.

[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
I thought what the kid did was nothing short of amazing. He was fulfilling his dreams and childhood with colorful imagination. His determination and effort to build an arcade can motivate him to study and work hard to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. His arcade made other kids and adults happy too.

I salute to the folks who supported the kid by coming to his arcade.

It surprises me to know that there are adults out there who look down upon the kid's arcade. They think this kid doesn't deserve the exposure and help from people because he only built cardboard arcade. They think other kids deserve more exposure and such. I remember reading a comment from a blog that went, "My younger brother built electronic gadget but he didn't get exposure etc. such as this kid. This kid doesn't deserve anything as his creation is nothing remarkable."

Really? Every kid's creation is remarkable. Sure, the cardboard arcade is no high tech but it was delivered from the kid's astounding creativity, colorful imagination, determination and patience. He created it to fulfill his childhood and wasn't seeking for fame or attention from people. He didn't beg for an exposure. His creation will mold his life and future. From the way I see it, this bright kid will become a successful businessman in the future.

I'm proud with his attitude and creation.

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