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Call me Eugene
Hi guys,
My name is Eugene and obviously this is not my real name, more like a conotation of my translated real name into my favourite foreign language. Neither both of them are mine. Anyway, i would like to use that name because it is kinda new to me to have a western name.

I am an Asian, 23 years old, living in a small, peace country that rarely familiar to these words, "gay" or "homophobic". Or may be these words sort of oblivious to them, but i don't mind at all. I thought i'ld be the only queer in this country or being different than other until a controvertial story about my countryman gone missing and found happily married with an ireland guy. My parents were quite aware about this and i dont know if they would worried about me when it comes to about their son in the future...

I have had a wonderful highschool experience n i think i am quite lucky having a normal life n college was even smooth though i never open my sexuality. I already accepted my sexuality long before my puberty. I always knew i was gay since i was a kid. I have feminine qualities; my minds mostly n i obviously dress as a male n i comfortable with those.

But lately, after my graduation and left college n all, i always thinking about my future n my desires n goals. I started having a thought of finding someone, a special one, and i always thought about leaving this country..start a new life n find a true love..yeah i know these is so wishful thoughts but...thts what i really wanted...i never date anyone since forever n yeah like i said i leaving n a country where queer is a word tht exist in a newspaper.

Yeah i found this forum quite long a go n i think it is a good idea to be at least being here n share my opinions...... Express myself n help wait for my next post then!. Tq for being a good listener(or reader i guess..Imu2
Hello darlin:

Welcome to GS, where all the gays speak Tongue

But which country are you from if you don't mind saying? I know Japanese and some Tagalog, and as a person who loves languages and culture, it would be fun to know;

But either way, I hope you can find what it is you are looking for and that you keep having positive life experiences ♡♪
I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

Hi there!,
Thxs for the kind gesture.. i love japanese language too, i used to learn the language but i gave up since i was too bz with my studies n school stuffs when i was in HS. But i can speak the basic of tht language n animes, mangas, some japanese dramas are my favourites...

I am from M'sia btw..literally i was from a small town with diversed ethnics n communities, n yeah, small towns offer simplicity of lives n i kinda love the way it is..but sometimes i thought bout moving from my comfort zone..

Btw, thxs for reading my post!.i.dont know how this forum works, but may be i will update my profile or.something u can reach me..any suggestions?
Hi there!,
Thxs for the kind words. Oh i am from M'sia, we have a diversed community here n different ethnics n all. Yeah, we got many festivals n holidays.
I love japanese language too but i am not that good, i know some simple phrases...but i am a sucker for j-dramas n animes!

Anyway, i am kinda new here, so anyway i can reach u n other users? I will update my profile tho if i got free time later..tq sylph!
hello eugene .. welcome to gayspeak ... i hope you make meaningful friendships here ..
Thxs guys!
Hi and welcome Eugene , it sounds like your a positive person who knows what he wants in life - I hope you find all those things
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
Hey Eugene. Welcome to GS. Smile
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