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Came out on Christmas
Ah, so here we go. I know I told my story of me coming out to myself and finally realize that I am truly gay and there is nothing wrong about it, after fighting it since 15 .. me now 23. I finally did it. Christmas morning came and I just figured its a decent holiday and no one should hate on this day, hehehe!

We opened some presents at home, after we were done, I asked my parents if my friend could come over, aka the boy I am seeing, and they said of course. He came over and I introduced them, and I said sorry to put this on you all but can we sit down. We all sat down, including my boy, and I said I just have to get this off of my chest it's been fighting with me since 15 and before I could say mom & dad I am gay, they both said ... Uhm baby, we have known pretty much since 15. I said WHAT, known what ... that you are gay? I was like mom how, I have had girlfriends, I am masculine, I play sports, I was more in shock than they were since they have known. They both said, come on, who has a half naked guy as their wallpaper on their computer, and we have seen gay porn on the computer before, we just didn't think anything of it. Also she goes, remember when I asked you in FL if you were gay when you were swimming laps? I said yes, uhm does that hint to you, that we know, or the time in the kitchen? I was like mom I really just thought you were joking.

I was pretty shocked they knew but at the same time SO THRILLED. They were like ..."HUNNIE we have known forever, never once would of not loved you, we will always love you, whether you like men or women ... and we prefer you like men, because you are a beautiful boy, and god made you this way, enjoy your life, and merry christmas!" I was crying and kissing them, it was so bitter sweet ... In fact they bought me a book for christmas about gays living and stuff like that, it was kind of cool, and they were like we were not going to give this to you until you came out, so glad you did! hehe ...

best part besides that is the boy said come in your room in about 15 minutes, so I kept talking to my mom and dad about this, and stuff how I know, is it weird, and stuff ... my mom actually asked if I bottomed or topped? is that a weird question for a mother to ask ... even if I enjoyed giving head ... I was semi taken back but I wasnt sure if it was just like omg my sons gay and maybe needed help I really don't know .. let me know

Okay so back to the boy, which was so hot ... so I came upstairs and he was wearing one of my old hockey jerseys, and a cute jock strap ... I was like wow, he said sorry I didn't get anything since we just started our relationship but Merry Christmas ... I immediately started pulling the jock strap down to grab his semi and start licking and spitting all over it ... it was getting me hot and bothered ... next thing you know I was getting a rim job and him teasing my ass ...

Parents can be so amazing. You are lucky. My dad actually asked me too if I was gay before I came out to him ... even if it did take us both about twenty years longer than you Wink
i know you had a good christmas lol
DUDE, I am so HAPPY everything turned out alright for ya!!! Aahh, it's so good to see that such great things happen in real life too!! Merry Christmas!!

Here's my Christmas and coming out gift to you:

Tell your boy I said hi!
What a great Christmas Story! I am very happy for you!

samsungroy Wrote:Okay so back to the boy, which was so hot ... so I came upstairs and he was wearing one of my old hockey jerseys, and a cute jock strap ...

Now that is what I call a great Christmas present! Had you given him clues about your fantasies?

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
congrats samsungroy. While I didn't have the boyfriend part, I also came out to my father for christmas and it went well. Glad to know that someone else got their christmas wish granted.
great Christmas story congrats
That is one of the best Christmas stories I ever read. I'm dead serious about that! You have cool parents. 8)

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