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Hi, to all you homosexual men out there, how many of you would describe yourselves as 'camp'?
And also, can two homosexual females be described as 'camp'? Or is there always one half of the couple who is more dominant?

This is a debate myself and my partner were having and thought we'd ask you all.
Well, for me, camp has two meanings - it's either an adjective that would be applied to a gay male (not a female), or to a situation - that's a camp thing to do (not referring to the activity as being inherently homosexual, but just unusual I guess).

So no, I wouldn't say that there are camp females, but I could be corrected on that I guess.

As for the whole dominant/recessive thing in relationships ? I think that's a fallacy as well to be honest. It's perfectly possible for a homosexual couple, be they male or female, to both be versatile enough to take charge and take the backseat in different situations and at different times.

My partner and I for example, whilst I wouldn't describe myself as camp unless I'm deliberately trying to camp myself up (which is rare), he is considerably more masculine than I am, bless him Confusedmile:, but I still wouldn't say "he's the man and I'm the woman" (for want of a better expression).

I think the composition of a relationship is as versatile as the relationship itself, so it can take ANY type at all really :biggrin:.

Hope that helps xx

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