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Can’t bottom due to stomach issues
I’ve never talked about this with anyone but I have IBS and I can’t bottom due to feeling too nervous about the “unknown.” I feel I can’t reliably be clean enough or even if I am, I am too worried about “what if I am not?” I realize this is an ugly topic but it is seriously depressing me because I want so bad to participate in that aspect of sex with my partner. Does anyone have this experience too? Is there anything I can do? Huh Huh
Well, I do also deal with IBS and at times can be pretty bad, but the best advice I have before trying to bottom. Don't eat anything that makes your IBS worse before hand, might need more than a day or two. Stress can be a IBS trigger along with other stuff that isn't food. Make sure you drink enough water and lastly use an enema. Beyond that, your partner will just have to accept the possibility. Likewise, I don't know the nature of how bad your IBS is, so I'll let you make the judgement call, but I don't think bottoming is off the table for you. You might have to go to greater lengths to be more sure that you're good for it. Even people who are "normal" have likely had issues with being clean at one point or another, especially starting out...Once you get used to what your body does then you will be more confident. Hopefully that helps a little bit.

edit: Also, eat a lot of stuff with fiber. Foods that contain oils, processed food, meat, or anything that has a lot of residue might make things more messy and harder to go. So a diet change, which also might aggravate IBS, might be needed. If you need more fiber, ease into it, don't go from heavy meals to rabbit food too quickly...
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I had a lover with IBS. He tried a number of medications. Can’t remember all their names but one that helped was something like Rivaximin (?). In the end though he succeeded in lessening his problem to a great degree by gradually becoming vegetarian and always using an enema before biting the pillow.
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Thanks, guys. I feel I’ve tried everything but still will keep on trying.

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