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Can't shack this feeling that I blow it
Well I went out Saturday and meet some new friend and I was grateful that they asked me out because it was the first time that I had gone out with anyone that knew that I was gay and I felt comfortable being around them.

I was also flattered that someone else was hitting on me, we talked for for some time and found out that we had been around each other in different settings then we had several passionate kisses. I admit he was very cute and turned me on, then he asked if I wanted to get out of here and go to either my place or his. I guess this is where I got cold feet and at which time i kind of freaked out about the whole thing. So I started making excuses, but at the same time drawn to him. The sad thing is I was prepared to do anything before I left my house that night including sleeping with someone, so I'm not sure if I freaked because it was going to fast or if it was because I did not want to lead someone on because I'm looking for a long term and knowing that most are just looking to shag. I'm not even sure if it was because he was basically half my age, which I'm not sure how I feel about that either.

We did exchange numbers and i text-ed him today explaining though it was moving to fast. He said no worries so I replied back to see if he wanted to get together next week but got no response back.

Not sure if I did right or if I'm a lost cause because I'll freak out.:confused:
You did just fine, and I do not think you blew it.
You can't rush these things , you will know when the time is right with the right person.
Do not beat your self up about it.Confusedmile:
well if you are not completely comfortable you shoulde'nt do anything unless you are so much turned on by the guy then you would not let any thing freak you out msby a few thoughts but before you know it it's morning but you don't have to go with the fisst guy that asks that my job now whats his number
ha-ha it will take a while before you feel comfortable when the times right much better. if you miss a connection then maybe that better than to get involved with someone you have no idea about and from the way you are speaking doesn't seem that you are just out for fun so take your time and get out there and meet people with just that as what you expect and if you really click with someone you can always go for more but don't need to fall into that well need it you have something special in mind and many guys want you to not be sleeping around they want to learn from each other

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