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Can't sleep cause of so much good going on
Besides the good going on the nearby bomber base just did a drill at 115 in the morning. That means they are on alert to head out to barbecue some beheaders I guess. They did it over the open PA system so everyone in 70 miles is awake. Lights are on all over in this neighborhood now. It was more noise than they set off for tornado warnings.

I don't know how you guys will react to a straight guy telling his drama in a gay forum but it aint all about straight mess.

I been seeing a nice lady for 2 months now but shes been real hard about not wanting what we had going to turn into anything serious. I was okay with that but still I liked her a lot. She's about the easiest woman I ever met to talk to. And she doesn't do all the typical drama about where Ive been or who Im hanging out with. All the time we were seeing each other NSA she talked alot about not wanting any guy trying to run her life or cause problems with her and her 12 yr old son or moving in with them or anything like that. I was fine with all that but she wasnt acting like she meant all she said. but I just let that go and took her words as law in spite of all the ways she wasnt dancing to the same sing she was singing if you know what I mean.

So she took me off for my birthday this weekend. Virge was glad to keep her son while we were gone cause hes gay and just has started talking about it with his mom and with Virge. I was expecting her to take me out some place clubbing and all that but no. LOL. We spent all our wake time in a damn drugstore Saturday and Sunday! But this aint like any drug store you ever seen! It's a drug store, restaurants, all sorts of stores, 2 museums, a dinosaur exhibit and lots more. Its not even tourist season and it was packed. The reason she took me there was cause she knows how much I like coffee and its just five cents a cup there. No kidding! So she and I drank lots of coffee and talked 48 hrs straight almost.

So she started backing off that talk about not wanting to get closer than we were as NSA. Fuck I was fine with that! She put down some ground rules and the one that messed with me was it was going to be up to me to gt her sons permission for me to be sleeping over at her place. I said ok but i was wondering what the hell I was going to have to do to get things where I could talk to her son about it.

So monday afternoon I came in from the gym and he was watching TV here. he didnt take the school bus home. Virge was doing his shit on the computer. As soon as the boy said he needed to talk to me Virge sorta laffed and scooted out the door and gave me a good luck pat. then he started asking things like how much his mom liked me and how much I liked her and the next thing I know hes spelling out the law about me coming over. he was talking about me doing sleepovers like I was his age coming to spend a weekend. Any dirty clothes I left would get washed but Id have to pay him for washing the same as his mother does. Any messes I make he has to clean up I have to pay the same way his mother does for him to clean them up. Then when i said all that was alrght he said we ought to go tot he DQ and munch out. I let him drive my car in the school parking lot and then take it out on backstreets. His other got pissed about that and he told her to calm down and act like a adult. She and I both laffed when he wasnt looking.

SoI came home tonight feeling up on cloud nine and laffing wondering why the hell Id been worried about in talking to him.

Then while she and I were gone for the weekend my half brother I havent talked to in like 5 years got in touch with Virge hes 18 now and about to be 19. He had a tougher time growing up than I did and when I left home to come up here I expected him to end up just another low life like the rest of the people in our family. he got into a good foster home and is in a famous big money university on a scholarship. Hes coming up for Xmas, the plane ticket is already bought.

Im feeling like all my life is finally coming together to make some sense. I cant sleep and I dont care. I can sleep at work in the morning. Im picturing me as being a step dad and Im liking that idea as much as having a nice woman for once. I cant stop thinking about my brother and how much i wish I stayed in contact with him or all the things I want to do and say if he and I can mend things and try to be family again. Im trying not to let all the negative crap I been through eat into my mind right now and get me thinking all this good shit is going to fall apart. I dont want to even start talking to Virge about it all yet and get him too excited and then have it all fall apart.

Thats all I have to say. I just had to let it all out.
No one is awake in here right now so Im not sure wholl see this.

Later I guess. Ray.
ha! Like I don't know all this is going on dummy! I'm up on all this before you even get a clue what's going on. What do you think me and Jacob talked about all weekend when he was here with me?

You might turn out to be an all right guy pretty soon if you learn how to wipe your butt without tasting it.

[COLOR="Blue"]People should be able to defend what what they believe, do and say.
Otherwise they will begin believing, doing and saying things that are indefensible.[/COLOR]
Ray, awesome news, so glad "life" is falling into place for you, and in a good way! Just take a deep breath, "take it all in", savor all these transitions, and put your seat belt on & enjoy the ride!
great to hear!
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Awesome. Very happy for you. You are making your fairy god-mothers very proud, all of us, sniff.

Being gay is not for Sissies.
great thread... I was already grinning into the OP thinking how Virge is already in the know and facilitating shit... Sounds like the young man is mature enough to handle you without letting you get out of hand. Lifes' short go for it. As for your brother, the best thing is to just be very candid up front. "I have to apologize because I wanted to but didn't and I so hope we can...yadda yadda" Living your life so the inside matches the outside, so what you say is what you think and it is safe, is not as common as many want to believe. Doing it develops a great way to live. Thanks for sharing the details and also about the cRaZy maneuver!!! I'm glad I live WAY northwest of the 8 bases in NC!
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection...
Wow some pretty rare amazing news here Smile I hope none of these falls apart, enjoy them Wink
Happy for Ray. Remain the gentlemen and don't let this woman get away.
It's really nice to hear a straight guy let his guard down and lay out all his hopes, dreams, fears, insecurities, angst, excitement, ... !! So often all I see is the macho bravado, the hard outer shell, the jocular ribbing and posturing... I forget straight guys are human too.

Thanks for the reminder, and the peek into the mysterious inner workings of a realm sometimes believed to be mythology.
Ray...very happy for you...and I will keep my fingers crossed that things turn out exactly the way you would like them toXyxthumbs

BTW...I came from a very bad place (family)...and I managed to overcome it and end up in a good place so it can happen. You can even untrain your mind to believe it will not all fall just takes time.

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